Monday, February 28, 2011

7/7 RIPPLE EFFECT: Extradition approved

by Jim Fetzer, 13.11.2010

In a stunning development, Ireland’s highest court ruled in favor of the extradition of Muad’Dib, who produced “7/7 Ripple Effect”, to England to stand trial for attempting to corrupt the judicial system.

The charge is in fact quite absurd, since Muad’Dib simply sent copies of his DVD to the court in England in an attempt to preclude the miscarriage of justice that would be involved in sentencing friends of the alleged “bombers” for their complicity in the matter, which is completely unjustified, once one becomes aware of the apparent governmental complicity in staging the 7/7 attacks.

The court addressed only three of some fifty-six points Muad’Dib had made in his own defense while ignoring the remainder.

 According to a friend of Muad’Dib, Rob, who was present at the hearing, they used tortured logic and distorted language to justify their otherwise grossly improper verdict. The judges did not even bother to view “7/7 Ripple Effect”, which appears on its face to be completely unreasonable, since it was alleged to be the content of that DVD that is responsible for the extradition request. For all the judges knew, the DVD could have been a Beatles’ concert or completely blank.

Rob called me from Ireland today and we recorded two 25-30 minute segments about this travesty.

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