Monday, February 28, 2011

777 London bombers, were on a train that did not run !!!!!!

 According to Sir Ian Blair, July 7th was the start of the 'largest criminal inquiry in English history' yet, to date, the police and media versions of events rely on stories that have the alleged suicide bombers catching a train from Luton that:
a) Was cancelled and did not run on July 7th, or

b) A train that arrived in London too late to catch the affected Underground trains.

Why is any of this important?

Quite simply, it means that the original police story of what happened on July 7th has the alleged suicide bombers on a train to London that did not run.

Are the British Police so incompetent that they wouldn't think to verify whether or not the train ran that they were alleging the alleged suicide bombers caught?

Or, alternatively, if the police story places the alleged bombers on a train that did not run then perhaps we should assume that all the stories about these four young men are as credible as the one that has them catching a train that didn't run?

 Alternatively, there's the media story of how the alleged bombers rode from Luton to London on a train that arrived too late for them to catch the affected Underground trains as they left King's Cross.