Thursday, February 24, 2011


Number of low pay workers by sex,  Bahraini & Non-Bahraini citizenship:  1999 – 2010

         Bahraini                                    Non Bahraini  
Qtr.  Both      Male         Female     Both          Male       Female
Q1   8,350      3,248         5, 102         286,923     276,531    10,392
Q2   7,965      2,947         5,018          292,713     281,775    10,938
Q3   7,721     2,883          4,838          295,307     283,891     11,416
Q4   7,601     2,767         4,834           298,467     286,553     11,914
200 BD = $ 531  (<200BD monthly wage)

Food: Average monthly food expenses on a moderate living style in Bahrain would cost about $450 for a single person, about $750 for a couple, and about $1,050 for a couple and 2 children. This costing excludes alcohol and other luxury food items.
Utilities: Monthly utility expenses for a month, including electricity, water, and sewerage would be about $225 for a single person, $300 for a couple and $450 for a family.
Housing: Single bedroom apartment, 2-bedroom apartment, and 3-bedroom apartment cost about $900, $1,050, and $1,200 respectively for a month in Bahrain. These are mostly unfurnished and might not include air conditioning. Swimming pool and gym are provided in most apartment blocks and satellite television might be available in many of them.
The monthly living expenses for an individual would be:  about $2300-$2400. for a couple $3,100-$3,200, and $4,100-$4,200 for a family with 2 children. These are only approximations taking into account a standard mode of living in Bahrain.

Bahrain together with other Gulf States exploited the underprivileged nations by importing cheap labour. Many have flocked in from all over, with the hope that they could work hard even under slavery conditions to save some income for when they return back to their own country. With such high costs and low pay, many have been forced to exceed normal work conditions just to be able to survive, whilst the Government has squandered its wealth on luxury icons that has no value except to a few. I truly sympathise with the population in revolt.
I do not advocate socialism nor communism, but I do believe in fairness. I believe that fair pay for a fair day's work should be applied no matter where. There is no logical reason for any individual to rebel against the State, go to such extremes, risking himself to injury or even death, unless his situation is beyond desperation.
This wave of violence will spread wide in the region where such discontent exists.