Friday, April 22, 2011

COLOMBO:Final days in Vanni: 600 Tamils shot and killed as stray dogs- First Person Revelation. Testimony in full.

The mere fact that we came to this stage clearly shows the sheer incompetence of the folks who handles these things at the foreign ministry.
They are good at boasting - when drunk, of course - about their super skills in international diplomacy. Yes, if you go by the abbreviations at the end of their names, it may appear to be so.
Unfortunately, disaster after disastr in PR battle, shows that the reality is far from it.
Even our learned academic, Prof G L Peiris, let the country down at the crucial moment pretty badly. He showed that he has got neither the 'guts' nor the 'strategy' in confronting our international conspirators who are well-organized and well-informed.
Delivering a lecture to an understandably-timid audienc inside a lecture hall at Colombo University is not the same as tackling on a critical issue with an international audience. Prof Peries displayed that he is neither pragmatic nor clever enough to represent the country. In short, his approach has been pretty ameturistic which borders on naivity.

The combined impact of the fiasco is that Rajapakse family has been made the scapegoat in the eyes of international community to carry the can, which is unfair and sad.
It's high time, therefore, the incompetent officials were named and then shamed while holding them accountable for the blunder