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Sarah Palin : Start of the hoax....

Here are as many important Sarah Palin DOCUMENTED links that I can find.                
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Inconsistencies & FACTS:
1.  Just before 2/20/08 Sarah was on an Alaskan Cable TV show, she was scheduled to go on a hike on the Mendenhall Glacier, rightt outside of Juneau.  On 3/6/08 she "broke the news" she was 7 mo.'s pregnant, she would have been at least 6 months into a very high risk pregnancy.  This is either a HOAX or Sarah is the Worst Mother in the World for taking such a chance with her unborn baby inside.

2.  She broke the news on 3/6/08 that she was 7 months pregnant to Alaskan televesion and Anchorange newspaper.  I find her television interview suspicious.  The news article reports no one knew abou this pregnancy, including her staff.  She is not fit to be Governor or this is a HOAX.  She lived in the "people house" in Alaska and certainly Alaskans had the right to know she was pregnant in a reasonable time frame.  Governors and Presidents or VP.'s should not be keeping "secret" very important health matters when the are in office.  The only reason she would have kept this a "secret" was she had political ambitions that overrided her desire to let the people of Alaska know about her pregnancy. 
3.  All of the photos on the internet are not conclusive and are not evidence either way!  Certainly a photo of a "big Sara" is not evidence.  And a photo of her being small could somehow be distorted.  Also dates can be changed.  However look at the Associated Press photo of her on 3/14, she would have been 7.5 months pregnant.  Also there is a photo of her on 4/11, she would have been 8.5 months pregnant, the poster says that photo was on the Alaskan State web site but has since been taken down. (not verified)
4.  On about 3/16 while admittedly 8.5 weeks pregnant she flew "commerical" on Alaskan Air to attend a Governors Energy Conference near Dallas, Texas, the flight was at least 7-8 hours long, plus give it another 4 hours of travel time to and from airport, just like us going through security, waiting in the lounge, checking in etc.  If she was pregnant she is again an unfit mother, the Worst Mother in the World, because she placed her political amibitions ahead of the her own health and the health of her child.  She has a responsibility to the citizens of Alaskans to guard her own health while in office.  This was irresponsible in the least!
5.  She reports in post-birth news article interviews that fluid began to leak at 4:00am on 4/17, she called and consulted with her Doctor, decided to stay another 9 hours to give keynote speech to 6 other Governors at Noon.  Then hopped on plane and flew back, through Portland, arriving about 10pm.  Again, either this is a HOAX, or she is completely irresponsible to herself and her child to fly 33,000ft in the air for 7 hrs at least, with no immediate medical care available, and the stewardesses were not even notified that she was 8.5 months pregnant and leaking.  This was also irresponsible to the people on that plane in case she went into an emergency labor, possibly causing an emergency landing of the plane.  Or it is a HOAX.
6.  She land in Anchorage, drives past the best medical care at an Anchorage Hospital, and drives 1 hour to Wasilla to have the baby at MatSu regional in her hometown, just so her Family Doctor can deliver it.  Again, irresponsible not to have the best care available for herself and her baby. 
7.  The delivery doctor in the birth press release was Doctor Cathy Baldwin-Johnson whom she appointed to the Alaskan Health Council just this May 2007.  That press release states she is an expert in child abuse issues. Yet that is whom the Governor choose to deliver her birth, again, irresponsible to herself, her baby and the people of Alaska. 
8.  She was sworn in January 2007 and moved to the Governors Mansion in Juneasu so she could govern.  The baby would have been conceived about August 1st, 7 months backwards from her 3/6/08 press release stating she was 7 months pregnant.  She would have know she was pregnant by October 1st at the very latest.  She would have had to decide at that time whom the Obstetrician was going to be.  Where was she going to make the monthly, then biweekly, then weekly doctors visits to have this high-risk pregnancy monitored.  Apparently she choose her "hometown" FP, a child abuse specialist, who lived 800 miles away by car.  I ask, did she have a local Obstetrician for all those visits, or did she travel to Wasilla regularly?  I am sure she had regular governor duty visits to Anchorage, but did she expect to travel to Anchorage, an hour from Wasilla, every week during her last trimester of high-risk 44 yr old woman pregnancy?  Yet on the 3/6/08 press release, none of her staffers knew she was making doctors visits, so she had to be visiting a doctor in Juneau until the 7th month, right?  But when the time of need struck at 4:00am in Dallas, she called her DOCTOR in Wasilla?  The only explanation is either this is a HOAX or she didn't make ANY doctor visits for this high-risk pregnancy until at least 3/6, or made secret visits to a doctor in Juneau before the 7th month, then planned to have baby in Wasilla with hometown FP.
9.  Where was she PLANNING to give birth?  4 choices.  (a) This is all a HOAX, she never had the baby.  (b) She was staying in Anchorage or Wasilla and planned on having the baby at MatSu in Wasilla delivered by Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, child abuse specialist, for high-risk pregnancy.  Otherwise why would she drive in the middle of the night past Anchorage hospitals to Wasilla? (c) She was staying in Juneau during last tri and was going to have it in Juneau.  But when her amniotic fluid began seeping she decided to call her FP in Wasila for advice and then decided not to alter her flight plans and fly to Juneau from Dallas while she was in labor.  (d) She was staying in Juneau during last tri and had plans to somehow get to Wasilla when she went in labor.  So he had planned to either drive the 20 hours from Juneau to Wasilla or take a small plane(readily available in Alaska!) and take a 2-3 hour flight in April, bad weather, to Wasilla, and have the baby in MatSu, where she seemed determined to have it.   Conclusions:  either this i a HOAX or she is irresponsible to her own health and thereby citizens of Alaska and to her unborn child for planning ot have this high-risk 44yr old woman pregnanacy anywhere but with a skilled Obstetrician giving care in the best facility that Alaska has to offer. 
10.  In article below Alaskan Air representative are quoted they weren't aware they had a late stage pregnant woman in the beginning stages of labor. 
11.  There is no record of birth on the MatSu regional hospital birthing announcements page for this baby. 
12.  The baby was born on Friday 4/19, but I don't even notice any articles about it until 4/22, Nothing until Tuesday!
13.  The delivery doctor, Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson was name AmAssocFamilyPract of the Year in 2002, there are "claims" it was based mostly on Sarah Palins' recommendation.  Also, Dr. Baldwin-Johnson was appointed by Sarah Palin to Alaskan Health Council in May 2007.  See below.   She is apparently a FP with a special interest in child abuseshe is not an Obstetrician. 
14.  Sarah Palin was up and at it a few days after the delivery, pictures confirm that, that is not conclusive.  We know she can wrestly a moose with her bare hands! 
15.  Sarah Palin has released that Bristol was 5 months pregnant on 9/1/08.  Which would make it impossible for her to be the mother.  If that is true.  There is no confirmation from a Doctor of her months of pregnancy.  Actually, this fact makes it much more likely that Bristol is a possible birth mother, because she was obviously sexually active in April this year for this to be true.  So it is possible that the truth is Bristol was sexually active just 8.5 months before, at age 16 i believe?, in August of 2007.  If Bristol was a sweet 17 year old virgin, then it would be impossible for her to be the birth mother.  If Trig is Bristols child it is extremely plausible that she became pregnant again soon after the 4/18/07 birth and it now a little over 4 months pregnant, not 5.
16.  Below are links to videos of Bristol shot during the VP announcement and GOP convention.  Not conclusive whatsoever, but take a look at her with the baby Trig.  She looks like a woman, not a 17 yr old girl.  I have two teenage girls of my own and they are excellent with children.  But, they would certainly not hold and rock Trig like Bristol is doing.  They have other things on their mind.  Bristol looks like a beautiful, attentive mother.  Bristol, you are going to make a fine mother someday, when all this passes and you get back to a normal life in Wasilla.
16.  CNN interviews Sarah's sister right after Sarah's Convention speech and the newscaster states that there are certain ground rules of topics that can not be covered.  One of which I assume is Trig.  Otherwise, why not have the sister just confirm that she was in the birth room and saw Sarah give birth to Trig.  This appears to be a forbidden topic for discussion. 
17.  See link below, now the GOP is saying that they may not have Sarah answer any questions from reporters during the entire campaign.  wow! Is there something she is trying to hide?  This is all so very highly unusual.
18.  All of the statements and theories I present can be refuted so very, very easily.  Just have the MatSu Hospital spokesman or Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johson give a simple call to a news agency, vouching that Sarah had Trig.  By doing so, they are putting their medical licenses on the line, so the medical facts had better be accurate. 
19.  Is it possible that a politician, esp a GOP politician, could be lying, or telling inaccuracies? Yes, sorry to inform you that is a possibility. 
Look here what this guy said in October 2002 and they you tell me if we should expect and demand accurate information from our leaders.
here is President Bush outlining the Iraqi Threat in October of 2002 in front of Congress and all the world.

Start of the HOAX? Sarah Palin breaks the news of her pregnancy to Alaskan television  3/6/08
staff didn't know she was 7 mo.'s preggie, why? 3/6/08
was planning to hike on Alaskan Glacier(about 2/20) at 6.5 mo.s' on TV Show, look how she carries herself, she forget to tell the crew she was pregnant!   Click read recent blog post.  Unfit to be a MOTHER, hiking a glacier 6 months pregnant, unfit to GOVERN!
photo 3/9 - 7 months pregnant
photo 3/14 - 7 months pregnant.  she "forgot" to wear her corsett that day  
photo 4/11 - 7 days before giving birth, look at face, in Anchorage, hundreds of miles from home.
also see photos there of 4 days after giving birth to down's kid she was giving a HS Honor Society talk!
She attended the governors conference on April 17th-18th.  8.5 Months Pregnant with Downs Child
Happy Birthday Trig: 3/16 travelled to Texas, 8.5 mo.'s pregnant, flew back 10 hrs with water dripping! Gave birth 3/19
If in fact Sarah did give birth, then she did while after deciding to travel 10 hrs R/T, from AK to Texas, this for sure makes her the Worst Mother of the Year, at the very least.  And certainly she has terrible judgement if she can't put herself and her family first at this super critical time in her life.  Instead of the huge responsibility she was carrying in her belly, she decided she needed to further her own political career by taking an enormous risk for herself and her unborn baby.  She is ABSOLUTELY not fit to be VP of the USA.  I might still vote for her as Mayor of Wasilla though.
Somehow MatSu Regional never recorded the birth - if they did, this would be all over!
Bristol is only 17,  she looks like a full blown "woman", Who is holding and being "mommy" to Trig?
More of Bristol with her baby.  She will be a good mother!
Doctor Cathy Baldwin-Johnson - 2/3 of the way down.  Specialist in Child abuse.  Appointed by Sarah to Alaskan Health Council in May, gave Sarah medical advice about flying and was the birth doctor.
The delivery Doctor, a FP, is in Wasilla, AK, which is 810 miles away from Junuea, where Sarah lives in the Governors Mansion.  Somehow, during her pregnancy from Sept to delivery in April, she has time to take a bumpy flight, make her regular doctor appointments for high-risk pregnancy, i would assume about at 200 mph in a small plane, it is 3 hrs away, most of it in winter weather.  So her "plan" for a normal delivery was to somehow get from Juneau to Wasilla 810 miles away(driving) to see her Dr., a family Dr, or fly in likely bad April weather, 3 hrs, bumpy ride, 44 yr old woman carrying a Downs baby.  So she didn't expect to fly from Texas to Alaska to have her baby, she did "expect" to fly from Juneau, in full pregnancy, in April skies, to deliver her baby in the trusted hands of her FP, Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson
Why bother with an Obstetrician in Juneau when the trusted Dr. Johnson is ready for the catch in Wasilla, only 800 miles away! .
Now McCain campaign doesn't plan on allowing Sarah Palin to give any interviews to the press.  She may never give one they say!  And yet the answers are so very simple, the longer it goes on, the clearer the answers become.   Why not just stop this mess, have the Hospital spokesman call a newspaper and give a statement, that easy!

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