Sunday, April 3, 2011

Who is Peter Power ?

The Visor Team

Members of the Visor team have won four prestigious Business Continuity awards and are as follows:

Peter Power

PETER POWER, Managing Director

Peter Power has been Managing Director since 1995.

He regularly helps organisations to plan and deliver highly successful scenario based exercises as well as workshops, leadership courses and motivation sessions and is one of the most requested speakers on Resilience/Crisis and Business Continuity (BC) management who often appears on TV and radio in the UK and other countries. He is specifically quoted on the BBC web site in relation to his role at the scene of several previous major incidents in the UK.

Peter has considerable front-line experience of many real crises and is very well known as an authoritative and entertaining presenter and writer.

 His research on crisis decision making is quoted in the UK Government (Cabinet Office) Guide on Integrated Emergency Management and he is the author of many advice guidebooks including the original UK Govt.

(DTI) booklet ‘Preventing Chaos in a Crisis' and the British Bankers Association guide on Crisis Management within their Business Continuity advice booklet.

 He is a founder member of the UK judging panel for BC Awards and sits on the British Standards Institute/Cabinet Office working party on Crisis Management. He was also a member of the IPPR Resilience subgroup within the UK Security Review Commission.

He is a Special Advisor to a number of key organisations including the Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness and BC Institute London Forum.

Peter is also listed in the UK Register of Expert Witnesses and occasionally lectures at Reading and Southampton Universities. He was a previous award winner for BC ‘Personality of the Year’ 2000 and ‘Lifetime Achievement’ 2006 (members of the Visor Consultants team have so far won 4 separate BC awards).

In his previous career Peter was responsible for setting up the multi agency operational management structure at the London Kings Cross underground station fire 1987.

He was also seconded to the Anti Terrorist Branch and was the deputy forward control coordinator at the Libyan People Bureau siege, as well as leading the team behind the existing police street philosophy for dealing with terrorist bombs.

 He is also the primary author / promulgator of the present UK emergency services methodology Gold, Silver & Bronze which is now used extensively across many organisations in the public and private sectors. It has become the most commonly applied operational command system used by the majority of businesses as well as the emergency services.
Peter Power at the 2006 Business Continuity AwardsPeter is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, Fellow of the Emergency Planning Society, Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute and Fellow of the institute of Risk Management.

 He is also as a member of the Guild of Freemen of the City of London. In 2009 he won the BCM ‘Best Contribution to the Profession’ (London) award.

Above: Peter Power (middle) at the 2006 Business Continuity Awards.

Links to some of Peter's publications / media appearances: