Monday, May 23, 2011

Gary McKinnon. No warm welcome for Obama bin Lying in England.

Obama now christened Obama bin Lying due to the fact that not only have the Americans claimed to have killed Osama nine times over the years,  a satellite dish was placed on the roof of the home where the CIA claim Osama lived and used to watch TV two days after his alleged assassination. Is it any wonder to learn from Gary McKinnon just how stupid the American Goverment are, worse how stupid they think the people of America really are ? 

Gary Mckinnon told the Goverment over and over their security had been breached and what did they do to save embarrassment ? cover it up and accuse someone who tried to help of treason. How stupid is that ?

Gary McKinnon is a man with Aspergers Syndrome, a form of Autism, who, while searching for UFO evidence, discovered that thousands of NASA and Pentagon computers had NO PASSWORDS set and NO FIREWALLS ! Thinking this to be some inside sabotage to destroy American democracy, he left hundreds of notes telling the system administrators that their security was flawed. Americas answer to this was to demand his extradition to face SIXTY years in a US prison ??? He is not asking for exoneration merely to be tried in the UK where he was born and has never left.

Janis Sharp fights day and night for her son, if you wish to join the campaign #helpfreegary you will find Janis here.!/JanisSharp
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