Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The way we lap up Obama’s soft soap makes me fear for our liberties.


Is anyone wise enough any more to resist the soft blandishments of The Strong One?

I wonder if, like me, you watched the audience in front of President Obama as he addressed Parliament the other day. All of them were staring up adoringly, as if watching a political colossus – rather than a shallow, idea-free politician who has used his Presidency unwisely…..and to little effect.

An American friend much younger than me said – when I first spotted Obama’s star quality in 2007 – “this guy can charm the ass off a Goddamned elephant”, and he was right. Barack Obama had and has star quality thanks to his looks, build, immaculate dress-sense, and amazing gift for oratory. But I have always seen him as the black Blair – perfect in form, and devoid of content. He told us towards the end of his stay that we were the best and closest of America’s allies. He said the same thing to the French last year. And tonight (Saturday) he has said the same thing to the Poles...read more