Monday, May 2, 2011

OBAMA the fraudster wants this case closed by midnight...DNA results are already in...Osama Bin Laden's body 'identified by sister's brain'

Osama bin Laden was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.[11] In a 1998 interview, he gave his birth date as March 10, 1957.[12] His father Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden was a wealthy businessman with close ties to the Saudi royal family.[13] Osama bin Laden was born the only son of Mohammed bin Laden's tenth wife, Hamida al-Attas.[14] Osama's parents divorced soon after he was born; Osama's mother then married Mohammed al-Attas. The couple had four children, and Osama lived in the new household with three half-brothers and one half-sister.[14


When his sister, who has not been named, died from brain cancer several years ago in Boston the FBI immediately subpoenaed her body so that it could later be used to identify the al-Qaeda leader if he was caught, it was claimed.
The brain was preserved and tissue and blood samples taken from it were used to compile a DNA profile, ABC News reported.
The tissue sample was reportedly then matched to the DNA of the man shot dead by US troops in a raid on bin Laden's compound in Pakistan.
He was shot in the head and chest by US Navy seals in a firefight in the compound, which had been monitored by the CIA for months.
US officials confirmed that the body had been identified by a DNA test conducted in Afghanistan. He was later buried at sea.