Saturday, May 7, 2011

McCanns continue to censor the British public now through copyright.

The McCanns continue to censor the British public while at the same time begging for money to fill up their pockets  correction, 'dwindling fund' private company etc .Today, the McCannfiles, an unbiased website have been asked to remove snippets of the soon to be launched ' an account of the truth' by Kate McCann. I confess I am somewhat bemused, the book it is claimed is to help in the search for their daughter Madeleine, I would have thought one would be grateful for the extra publicity. 

While I do appreciate the parents have now lost three court cases trying to shut Goncalo Amaral up and their lawyer Madam Duarte does not come cheap, the bills must be mounting , even so dictating once more to the public from Murdochs tits and bums red top has today placed an official stamp that the McCanns only interest IS IN money and not their child...but we already knew that !

The real Madeleine McCann story by SPUDGUN