Friday, May 6, 2011

The McCanns 'The Truth of The Lie'

Why, when someone tells us not to do something the attraction is so much stronger to do it , when small , our mothers would tell us 'don't touch that you will burn yourself ' we ignore the warning and sure enough cry with  pain as our mothers 'kiss it better' with hugs and cuddles.

There is a mother , who warned me and many others through the British media (her own private mouthpiece it would appear) that I must not read a certain book , demanded it of me. The same mother also threatened bloggers through her hot shot  lawyer's, Carter Ruck, that if anyone dare to place the book online translated into English they would be sued and lose their homes.

Now, the very same mother , while suppressing the book  through the courts.... at the same time trying to take away my freedom of thought and speech, wishes to launch her own book and this same mother while forbidding me to read one version of events would now like me to purchase HER book and read ONLY her version.

The author of the forbidden book Dr.Goncalo Amaral, finally won his courtcase against the McCanns, who do not wish you to believe in the Police investigation. Kate readily admits her book is ' only an account of the truth' ?....maybe she is thinking of writing another version at a later date.

However, here is the book, online, translated into English and with immense thanks to those who did not permit the McCanns to win.
The forbidden investigation into the disappearance of a three year old child.