Tuesday, May 3, 2011

OBAMA: The latest list of birther chumps... as I appear to be a 'chump' on the list...

Two Years Later, Right Wing Still posting the Occidental College April Fool’s Hoax as “Breaking News”

April 26, 2011
This just goes to show you that you don’t have to read in order to write.
Two years ago, a still-unknown party posted an April Fool’s Day joke that Occidental College had supposedly publicized Barack Obama’s transcript, revealing his supposed Indonesian citizenship and his supposed true name of “Barry Soetoro.” Two years ago, the fake “Associated Press article” was exposed as a fiction. But two years later, a bunch of illiterate right-wing chumps are still baaaaing right along and posting the hoax as breaking news!
The latest list of birther chumps:

American Independent Party candidate Leonard Foster of Nevada still hasn’t gotten the memo about this memo.

Conservative Watch News (logo: a watch!) has not been watching.

The Disclosure Project has a big picture of a pretty kitty cat, but that still doesn’t make the fake Associated Press story real.

Blue Eye View needs a website redesign and a new content provider.

Oh, you silly geese.