Friday, May 6, 2011

Obama news being ignored by mainstream media.

Obama: alleged selling of his senate seat.

Opening highlights
A pared down version of Rod Blagojevich's case was delivered to a newly-minted jury panel in the former governor's retrial Monday. The jury is made up of 15 women and three men.
Prosecution: The government took heed from jurors who sat in last summer's trial and sliced off significant portions of their case in their initial remarks, which lasted less than an hour. They focused on five shakedown schemes, focusing on the alleged sale of President Obama's Senate seat. Patti Blagojevich was unscathed this time around in openings, with no allegations involving her being a ghostpayroller for convicted businessman Tony Rezko.

For its part, the defense told jurors to ask themselves after every witness testifies and every tape is played, what ended up happening in the alleged scheme.
"Rod gets nothing. Rod does nothing," defense lawyer Aaron Goldstein said.


1. FBI Special Agent Dan Cain. He will give an overview of the case and tease to the hundreds of secretly recorded conversations.
2. John Harris: In a change, the former chief of staff will be the first insider to take the witness stand. Last year, the government headed off with Lon Monk. By comparison, Harris has more Boy Scout qualities, giving off an aura of someone trying to do the right thing while having a boss he couldn't quite control. Monk, on the other hand, had admitted to taking cash bribes from Rezko. Harris was arrested the same day as Rod Blagojevich. He's pleaded guilty.