Monday, May 2, 2011

Obama: What next for the hoax 'war on terror'

I have to say I am gob smacked that there are people swallowing this 'big news' day forced down our throats by the media...Nice also for Obama to wait until after the wedding so not to take the media attention away from William and Catherine. Obama clearly wants 9/ll wrapped up in a pink bow, boxed up and out of sight. My real concern , what is plan B?

Cameron and Blair, obviously in on this sham have both  today relayed their concern for the aftermath in Britain. My fear and it is a genuine one ,that Obama and Cameron will each plan another 9/11 and7/7...both are evil, both are capable of  arranging  terrorist attacks and laying them now at the feet of the 'mythical dead' Bin Laden's followers. The 'war on terror'  may be about to begin....