Sunday, June 19, 2011

I can't take anymore of the lies and deception !

They tell us they are fighting for freedom and human rights... Bollocks.

We're bringing democracy to oppressed people... Bollocks.

What human rights is it that allows a child to be slaughtered because he happens to have been born in the wrong part of the world? He committed no crime! Do they care? No they don’t.

They lie to us about weapons of mass destruction; they tell us there could be a mushroom cloud over London in forty five minutes... More Bollocks, but decades of television providing the only education the people get and what do you expect? They own the news... They own all the media.

The western governments supported oppressive regimes and in fact often installed them around the world, so long as it served to control those populations and allow the world’s elite to continue their exploitation of these people and to profit from their more at Mr.Morsals new blog.