Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Christopher Shale Died Of Natural Causes.

Top Tory inquest: Shale’s widow blasts media, coroner says “Natural causes”.

Nikki Shales praising the press yesterday

Tony Williams’ verdict was a lot closer to the truth than Nikki Shale’s

East Somerset coroner, Tony Williams, ruled yesterday afternoon that David Cameron aide Christopher Shale’s death had been caused by heart disease. He had no drugs or drink in his system….that is, the toxicology report was negative. And it only took 14 weeks to find out.
Shale’s widow Nikki rejected media speculation that followed her husband’s death in June, including the hypothesis that he could have taken his own life. Most observers rejected that hypothesis within hours: they were far more interested in the Coroner having asked for a toxicology report.

She said: “It was always obvious to us, and confirmed very soon afterwards, that my husband, my darling husband, died of natural causes. It has been a cause of great regret to our children, to Chris’s family and all our friends that so much inaccurate speculation has appeared in the media with regard to the circumstances of his death. This has really not helped us at a very, very difficult time.”...more at the SLOG