Thursday, October 20, 2011

#Fox #Foxgate - Revealed: the link between Liam Fox donors and Tory HQ

Adam Werritty funded by businessmen introduced to former defence secretary by party treasurer
Liam Fox attacked the media in his resignation speech. He will face a fresh inquiry into his links with Adam Werritty. Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images Europe
The Liam Fox affair has reached the Conservative party's high command for the first time after it was confirmed that its leading fundraiser introduced donors to the former defence secretary, who then introduced them to his best man, Adam Werritty.

In a blow to Downing Street's central tactic of distancing itself from Fox – saying that he was operating in his own way – the Conservative party admitted that its senior treasurer was the conduit for donors to the former defence secretary.

Howard Leigh passed on the details of donors who wished to support Fox's campaign during the 2005 Tory leadership contest. They were later persuaded by Fox to give money to organisations that supported Werritty, according to a source, and some of the money was spent visiting Fox on lavish trips abroad. Leigh was one of party's treasurers at the time.

The disclosure is an embarrassment for the Tories and will pose further difficult questions for Fox, who has been told that he faces a parliamentary inquiry into his behaviour and Werritty. In his resignation statement in the Commons, Fox attacked the media for pursuing more