Wednesday, October 12, 2011

#Fox & Hound -#Werrity Affair - Hotel records cast Doubt..

Adam Werritty said he was from defence secretary's office when he booked into Shangri-La
Adam Werritty (left) and Liam Fox at a meeting in Dubai in 2007.
Liam Fox's claim that Adam Werritty was operating in "a private capacity" when the men met twice in Dubai this year has been thrown into fresh doubt by hotel records seen by the Guardian.

They reveal that Werritty booked into the five-star Shangri-La hotel earlier this year describing his position as "office of Dr Liam Fox" and naming his company as "Atlantic Bridge", the defence secretary's controversial rightwing charity which had close links to a group of powerful American business lobbyists.

Hotel staff said it was normal, but not guaranteed, for the named company to pay all or part of the bill. Werritty also gave a contact address at the houses of parliament.

The official explanation of Werritty's role in Fox's life is being increasingly called into doubt by evidence from countries where the pair travelled..... read more