Saturday, October 15, 2011

#Fox #Werritty #Labor #Hypocrisy

   Labour Fox-hunter Kevan Jones….bit of a slimeball?

How Labour’s MoD Israel stance when in power was just as fishy

Fox-hunters misrepresented Atlantic Bridge, tried to frame it as extremist
Why is the mainstream press tippy-toeing round the forces behind this manufactured scandal?

Yesterday, I finally posted something on the Fox/Werrity thing. I said that MoD jealousy of personal advisors was not uncommon, and the liberal press are out to get Fox, he being a fully paid-up Thatcherite an’ all. I still think both are true. But the Sting in all this goes well beyond ‘the liberal press’.

It almost certainly derives partly from disaffected MoD briefings. And has been enthusiastically inflated by the harder Left tendency in and around the Labour Party. But it may also extend to a level beyond that..... read more at the SLOG