Saturday, October 15, 2011

#Fox #Werritty - Tied Up And Knotted BUT By Whom ?


a case history in favour of radical reform

Tied up and knotted…but why? And by whom?

Liam Fox and his chum Adam Werritty made a lot of enemies over time. As well as investigating any corruption in their partnership, we need to find out who orchestrated their removal from the game. There is no shortage of candidates: but whatever happens, this is another saga screaming out for reform of the way Britain does things.

The BBC seems to have something of a scoop this morning:

‘Mr Fox resigned after a week of pressure over his working relationship with his friend, Adam Werritty. He has been replaced by Philip Hammond. ‘

This story gets odder and odder. Poor Fox resigns because his best man is a gay prop-forward with contacts in Israel and America, and then finds himself ordered to pal up with Phil Hammond instead.

In some ways, Liam might find his new friend quite useful. As a bloke interested in work and pensions as a subject, he should be able to advise the ex-Defence Secretary on any wrongful dismissal action. Hammond also quite fancies a job in the Treasury or at Health, so he could offer free consultancy on interesting new (and infinitely more healthy) ways to raise money for a partner. But somehow, I can’t see the two of them getting on....more at the SLOG