Saturday, October 15, 2011

#Lord #Boothby #Kray Twins AND LIttle Rent Boys ...

The stench of corruption in the British Goverment is nothing new. Paedophiles ,high up in the British Goverment ALSO nothing new. Lord Boothby and his gangster lover who just happened to be one of the Kray twins would have been a massive scandal  'back then' but would not have surprised us today knowing what we now know . Boothby and his indiscretions were covered up in the swinging sixties...however,nothing has changed as the cover-ups and corruption continue, the latest fallout .... Fox and Werritty.


On 12 July 1964, the UK's Sunday Mirror had a front page story with the headline: "Peer and a gangster: Yard probe."

The Sunday Mirror reported that police were investigating an alleged homosexual relationship between a "prominent peer and a leading thug in the London underworld".

The peer was Lord Boothby and the gangster was Ronald Kray.

The UK's Lord Boothby was involved with Jewish gangsters, the Kray Twins, who reportedly rented out young boys, some of whom reportedly ended up dead. (
Colin Coote of MI6

In July 1964, when the Sunday Mirror had its story about the Lord and the gangster, Lord Boothby was on holiday with Colin Coote.

Colin Coote worked for MI6 and was a very close friend of Roger Hollis the boss of MI5.

Colin Coote was also editor of the UK's Daily Telegraph.

The key figure within MI5 and MI6 was Lord Victor Rothschild, who reportedly gave away secrets to Israel.

Why did the UK politicians, intelligence services and media cover-up the Boothby case?