Sunday, November 27, 2011

Child Abuse : Kincora Scandal - MP Ted Heath Visits Kincora

Hunt admitted to the
interviewer that he was concerned about certain goings on at the time, which
prompted a letter to the Guardian from Tony Benn saying how disgraceful it
was that it had taken more than 20 years for Hunt to ever let his concern

The same programme also revealed how, sometime in 1973 during the
power crisis, then PM Heath met with William Waldegrave, historian Martin
Gilbert (endless volumes on Churchill, itself controversial given the
restricted access to his papers) and Daily Express disinformation conduit
Chapman Pincher, where the latter three impressed upon Heath the importance
of dishing personal dirt upon Wilson (it was not specified exactly what that

Heath point-blank refused, insisting on campaigning on politics alone.

His mistake, perhaps, in more ways that one, as it was not long after that
Heath himself was being smeared in the press with references to his "visits"
to the Kincora Boys' Home in Northern Ireland.

He was deposed asConservative Party leader by MI5 apparatchik Airey Neave, whose protege Margaret Thatcher was.