Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Daily Mail (FAIL) Face Intrusion Claims

The Press Complaints Commission has received more than 90 complaints over a story in today’s Daily Mail about the death of a Red Arrows pilot.

Flight Lt. Sean Cunningham died yesterday after his ejector seat was activated whilst his plane was still on the runway. The complaints centre around the Daily Mail’s decision to name the pilot in this morning's paper.

When British servicemen die in conflict zones there is normally a 24-hour delay observed before names are published by the media, to provide families with a "period of grace".

Press Gazette understands that on this occasion no specific time-limit was stipulated, but Flight Lt Cunningham's name – and a quote from his family – was put out by the RAF press office at around midday today.

The majority of the complaints made to the PCC have been under clause 3 of the Editors’ Code (privacy) and clause 5 (intrusion into grief or shock).

The PCC is understood to be assessing the complaints and it has contacted the RAF to make its services available to the Cunningham family.