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#VickyHaigh: The whole sorry story .. : John #Hemming #MP response...


Ministers have caved in to backbench pressure to step up the level of independent counselling women receive before terminating a pregnancy, to the anger of some MPs who believe the government is playing “politics” with women’s abortion rights.

The department of health’s decision to develop “proposals” to introduce independent advice for women seeking terminations at abortion clinics comes after months of campaigning from backbencher Nadine Dorries, the Conservative MP who in 2008 brought forward a private members’ bill to reduce the legal time limit for a termination.

Ms Dorries believes that abortion clinics’ counselling is biased because they have a vested interest in carrying out the procedure – a claim vehemently denied by clinics. Marie Stopes, which provides a third of the 190,000 abortions carried out each year, is a not-for-profit charity whose independent councillors all belong to the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Her amendment to prevent private organisations which carry out terminations from offering pre-abortion counselling has sparked a flurry of anger from some MPs who are concerned that the counselling issue is being used to peddle broader anti-abortion sentiment from some quarters such as pro-life Christian groups.

“These plans are based on prejudice rather than evidence,” said Yvette Cooper, shadow home secretary and minister for women. “David Cameron should not put politics before the interests of women’s health and women’s lives.”

Another Conservative MP said the assumption that counselling was not being provided by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service was not true. “The majority of women looking for an abortion are already clear that is what they want when they approach a clinic. We have to be careful not to go down the US-type model of allowing politicians who have a very different agenda to press their case,” said the MP. “This [debate] is about an individual who brought an amendment, whose agenda is to reduce abortions dressing it up as counselling. It is disingenuous.”

Ms Dorries, who counts Dr Peter Saunders of the Christian Medical Fellowship as one of her advisers, said on Sunday that she was “not a pro-lifer” but wanted to make sure women could access independent advice before deciding on a termination. “No one who has any agenda about anything – be it the abortion clinic or people ideologically linked to the Christian groups – should be allowed near a woman when she is making that choice,” she said.

Other MPs on Sunday complained that the two days set aside to debate the public health bill would be derailed by the abortion amendment. “If there is concern about this we should consult to see if there is a problem or if there isn’t,” said Sarah Wollaston, a former GP-turned Tory MP. “I don’t want to see two days’ debate about a bill being derailed into a discussion on the very emotive topic of terminations.”

Fabricate and make it happen...based on a true story..

#Irene #Hurricane #HOAX NYC subway flood picture was taken in MAY 1996 after a broken water main!

#Irene #Hurricane #HOAX

#England corruption, dirty police division.

#VickyHaigh case....freedom of speech and abuse of privilege.

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#Wikileaks : Human #CLONING..cable released.

E.O. 12958: N/A 
¶1. (U) Poloff and Envoff delivered Ref demarche to Aiyman 
Aamri, Deputy Director of the International Organizations 
section of the Foreign Ministry, on June 26.  Aamri told 
Poloff that he has forwarded the issue to New York for 
consultation, but after inquiring about the Vatican's 
position on the issue, he indicated that Jordan would likely 
support a total ban on all human cloning for religious 

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Lord Credo 'outed' on twitter BUT how can we believe the outer, who the hell is he ..who are either of them and do we really care ?... says she a now very gullible unfollower !

Lord Credo (@lord_credo)  is well known to those interested in politics on Twitter.  He described himself as "a government Tory communications guy" on his profile; now he says he's a "former govt comms guy".  He has 4400 followers and is in the top 10 "House of Twits" favourite political tweeters currently.

In brief this is the picture of how he has portrayed of himself:

- He was David Cameron's personal advisor and representative
- He reported only and personally to David Cameron and the Chief Whip
- Only the Chief Whip and his "good friend" William Hague knew his identity online
- He was on the same level with Andy Coulson, was offered his job, but refused it
- He previously worked for the Canadian PM and was personally head-hunted to work for ours
- Somehow, however, he also fitted in working for the Archbishop of Canterbury in comms
- He had read theology, trained as a priest, worked as a policeman briefly in Ontario, then as a pilot, before going into politics/ communications. He suffers from MS.

Credo resigned his job for David Cameron in May, but is currently on gardening leave.  This was because of a personal falling out, even though the Prime Minister has apparently called him and begged him to return to his job.  It coincides with the diagnosis of a brain tumour (more on this later).

Credo's "offline" name is Mike Paterson.  He has always taken pains to protect his identity, because he is so "high level".  I did hear him give this name, however, in my presence to officers of the Essex Constabulary in May 2011.

Emperor's New Clothes

I had huge doubts Credo could possibly be who he said he was quite early on.  Many of us did; how could anyone be tweeting as much as he did in a job so high level, and be so indiscreet about government goings on.  However, we met and he seemed genuine. Very likeable in fact.

Moreover I met him the presence of a BBC chap (who is real) and two people who work in the Commons (who are also real).  I saw him talking online to people like Sally Bercow (I was in Hampshire hotel lobby with him when her name flashed up on his mobile).  I'd been to drinks with him and the infamous undercover blogger and real life journalist Fleet Street Fox.  More recently he's been talking openly to Louise Mensch MP: people see this, they see his profile bio, and don't think any thing more than "he must be real".

Remember the Hans Christian Andersen Story? Everyone in the crowd looks on at the Emperor who is not wearing anything.  Because everyone thinks everyone else can see the lovely clothes, not a soul says a thing.  Credo didn't ever turn up in nice clothes though - he wore the same threadbare ill-fitting jacket every time I saw him, coming from "work" or from home, clutching a dirty worn out BBC bag.  But none of us was the little boy in the crowd who shouted out "he's naked!"

Abuse of Friendship

Credo weaseled his way into my group of friends.  He and his girlfriend spent the entire summer staying with various of them, moving from house to house, apparently because his house in Sussex had sold and a new purchase had fallen through.  The longest was 8 weeks with a lovely girl, from whom he "borrowed" money and didn't pay a penny in food contributions, towards utilities or the huge phone bill they ran up.  He also borrowed cash from another friend on Twitter.  It was a standing joke that Credo would come along to drinks and forget his wallet.  He has asked all of us to put him up at one time another; more recently there have been requests for money.

When he was "diagnosed" with cancer - a malignant brain tumour - we were all extremely concerned.  He announced it online: his follower count shot up.  Offers of support and help poured in.  He told us his wife, from whom he was estranged, had suddenly committed suicide in Sydney just before their divorce was finalised.  She was a medical doctor and knew which pills to take.  As a result of the divorce however, all his accounts were frozen.  The latest was that he was expecting a cheque for hundreds of thousands of pounds from the estate - but somehow it never arrived.  Credo's cancer fortunately disappeared amazingly rapidly; when I saw him I couldn't believe how well he looked.  It was almost as if he had never had it... 

I'd had a former Lib Dem friend who had constantly doubted Credo could be who he said he was.  He had worked at the House of Commons and rationally set out his doubts.  I simply refused to believe it.  I liked Mike and yes some of these things were a bit odd.  When he claimed to have been instrumental in bringing Andy Coulson down and presented him with damning evidence - well it was brushed off as Credo blowing his own trumpet.  The epic 48 hour drive he made to Scotland at Christmas just didn't seem real; the time he was in Amsterdam and crossing areas on foot faster than a gazelle (at around 18 stone, Mike is NO gazelle) didn't quite add up.  The sheer amount of drama and chaos going on in one person's life - from his mother having a stroke, then breast cancer, then a heart-by pass... through the dead wife, to his current girlfriend being committed.  It just didn't seem plausible.  But my friends knew him and "proper" people were talking to him online.


Then he came up to my home in Suffolk last week. He was showing off about having picked up "1000 followers during the riots".  It seemed to all be going to his head.  I'd unfortunately seen this
before (Fake QC, much less high profile).  Mike offered to invest £250,000 in my business project.  He failed to recognise a very well known Henry Mee portrait at a friend's house - its twin is hanging at Portcullis House - and seemed embarrassed.  He failed to answer an email about the investment.  He claimed his phone had been switched off for 24 hours (given the PM calls him night and day this seemed unlikely).  He and his girlfriend made a big show of his having poured red wine over their laptop - a reason he hadn't answered my email perhaps?  I'm not Miss Marple, but alarm bells were ringing and this made me want to talk to people.

So those of us who knew him started talking to one another.  It's not easy if you're wrong to be going out there and doubting every thing about a friend, to your mutual friends.  Through a contact, David Cameron's Deputy Chief of Staff confirmed no one had knowledge of a Michael Paterson who had ever worked for the Prime Minister.  I got in touch with the people I'd seen him with at pubs in Whitehall: no one had actually checked him out.  When he boasted he'd had "top level background checks" I asked the person who apparently had carried them out.  He hadn't.

I also spoke to Mark Stamps - a good friend on Twitter and one of our circle of friends.  Now the whole thing really came crashing down.  Whilst Mike was enjoying the free hospitality of another friend, he'd carelessly left his passport lying around.  His name wasn't Mike Paterson - it was in fact Michael Gordon Bracci.  A couple of photocopies were taken, just in case.  Why would he be lying about his name to us all? Mark had asked an official contact to do some checks.  Mark had been doing a lot of work building up a dossier without any of us knowing.  No one with those names had any form of House of Commons clearance.

Religious Right Alert

It doesn't take much to do some Internet searches.  Michael Gordon Bracci is the real name of another alias Credo has used: Mike Daley.  He appears on the "Religious Right Alert" website as a "notorious and self-pronounced 'shit disturber' on the Canadian Anglican Right".  He seems to be some relatively low-level character who sets up cyber squats and was pushing for the schism of the Anglican Church in North America over gay and women's rights through a body called the "Cranmer Foundation" (of which he was the sole director). He moved to London in 2009 and suffers from MS.

Mike Daley is married to Dr Sarah Lublink.  She is not a dead medical doctor in Sydney, but in fact teaches philosophy at the University of Oklahoma.  She is a former evangelical Christian, turned traditionalist.  From what I can see on line she appears to be very much alive.  She did grow up in the Black Forest, which he had mentioned a couple of times to me about his "late wife".  She talks in one Canadian magazine interview about their traditional marriage and how her husband Mike (Daley) has moved to London for a job in PR, but that they make things work.  I've no idea if she knows about his now girlfriend and how that fits in exactly.


Well, Credo is a fake.  He's a confidence trickster, he's pulled the wool over the eyes of many people and he's been left to do it by the actual Downing Street communications team.  Did no one there think to check out and stop someone so well known on Twitter in political circles, who claimed to be so high level?  Instead Tory MPs were happily chatting to him in public.

He's taken hospitality and money from friends of mine.  According to his passport he has no residency or work permit to be in this country.  He has weaseled his way in to a group of people - including gays and lesbians - even though he is a traditionalist Christian and has worked to back Church homophobia.  He has spoken positively about people I know from the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement - but whom he must actually know from the bitter "other side of the fence".

He's currently - apparently - back in Canada, where his mother died unexpectedly just a few hours after his arrival.  His response to the hundreds of messages of sympathy and all the attention on Twitter was "wow, thanks everybody."  Michael Gordon Bracci been building up a totally false identity for himself and thriving off the attention he's been getting.  His motivation? Well he is clearly a fantasist and quite probably not at all well from a mental perspective.

How do I feel? Angry, sick, embarrassed, violated, and furious on behalf of my friends he has exploited.  Police and Immigration should be involved here.  If I find out Mike has set his foot in this country again, they will be.
Credo: the irony of the name is not lost on me

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#NewsCorp : Intercepted letters to James Murdoch at News Corporation ?

#NickGriffin admits #MI5 agent smear by the Times.

The Orwell Prize : A Hanging.

#ChrisColtrane : The Death penalty

The meme of the hour is capital punishment. Some dickheads have said that we should kill criminals, and now my Twitter feed is full of astonished tweets, rightly condemning the idea, commenting on how inconceivable it is that we could genuinely be debating this in 2011.

#UK #Torture:British government's secret interrogation policy. This document, obtained by the Guardian, details instructions to MI6 agents in the field when dealing with evidence which may have been obtained using torture

#Madrid Train Bombing: Event happened after NATO training exercise. Coincidence?

#Madrid Train Bombing : What do we really know ?

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#Murdochs mouthpiece : Glenn Beck exposes the issues he deflects and who he discredits.

#Unlawfullkilling : The Morton report


Princess Diana letter: 'Charles plans to kill me'

TWO of Britain’s leading former police officers are wanted for questioning over allegations that they withheld crucial evidence about the car crash which killed Princess Diana.

A French judge wants to ask ex-Yard chief Lord Condon and Sir David Veness why they failed to disclose the existence of a note in which she predicted her assassination.

They could face international arrest warrants as suspects should they refuse to attend interviews in Paris, sources close to the investigation indicated last night.

The note, taken by Diana’s lawyer Lord Mishcon, was handed to the officers a few months after the 1997 Paris tunnel crash which also claimed the lives of Diana’s boyfriend Dodi Fayed, son of tycoon Mohamed Al Fayed, and the pair’s chauffeur Henri Paul.

The highly-respected lawyer’s document records the line: “Efforts would be made if not to get rid of her (be it by some accident in her car, such as a pre-prepared brake failure or whatever) least to see that she was so injured or damaged as to be declared unbalanced.”

It was more than three years later before it emerged that the officers had locked the note in Lord Condon’s safe at Scotland Yard. When Lord Condon stood down as the Metropolitan Police Commissioner his successor as Met Commissioner, Lord Stevens, continued to keep its existence a secret.

Under French law, “removing or concealing” evidence, which could “facilitate the discovery of a crime”, is punishable by three to five years in jail or a fine.

Now Paris-based Judge Gerard Caddeo is locked in a protracted battle with British authorities over his demand for interviews with Lord Condon and Sir David, a former assistant commissioner.

The explosive development means that the issue of whether the fatal crash in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris was an accident or murder is likely to be once more the subject of a controversial court case.

A source close to the Paris inquiry said: “Everyone assumed that with the end of the British inquest, the investigation into Diana and Dodi’s deaths was closed.

“But this has blown it wide open again. Judge Caddeo is determined to get to the bottom of what happened with the Mishcon note.

“The French courts will not allow this matter to rest and it is understood that if Lord Condon and Sir David refuse to attend Paris for an interview then Judge Caddeo will not hesitate to issue international warrants of arrest.”

At his home in Kent yesterday, Lord Condon refused to comment in detail on the Diana letter.

“I have not been asked to go to Paris,” he said. “There was discussion of all these things at the inquest and if there is anything else, you will have to speak to the legal affairs department at Scotland Yard. This is not the time or place for this.”

A Yard spokesman said: “We are not prepared to comment – we would have to refer you to the French authorities.”

The Daily Express understands that Judge Caddeo has been engaged in lengthy exchanges with Sylvie Petit-Leclair, a judge attached jointly to the French Embassy in London and the Home Office who assists in cross-Channel legal issues.
He has also written to a Home Office official, whose name is known to this paper, demanding she assist his bid to interview the officers. The Daily Express also understands that he has twice sent the same Home Office official ‘International Letters Rogatory’ – formal requests from a court to a foreign court for judicial assistance – in which he names Lord Condon and Sir David as suspects.

He also names Lord Stevens as a person he wishes to question. Judge Caddeo’s papers summarise the crucial accusation – that Scotland Yard and the British Embassy in Paris concealed the note made by Lord Mishcon from the French authorities investigating the crash.

The note would have made it more likely that the French would have opened a murder inquiry.

He states that the note reported that the Princess had been “informed by sources worthy of her trust” that an attempt was being made to “eliminate her in an orchestrated automobile accident.” Diana died on August 31, 1997, after the Mercedes she and Dodi Fayed were travelling in crashed following a high-speed chase as they tried to evade photographers.

A French investigation concluded that the crash was caused by driver Henri Paul, acting security manager of the Paris Ritz, losing control of the car at high speed while intoxicated. But the investigating authorities were unaware British police had the late Lord Mishcon’s note.