Thursday, January 26, 2012

ALLEGED Psychic :#SallyMorgan's #CrystalBalls

Part 1: Sally Morgan’s lawyer sends me an email

After we announce the Psychic Sally Halloween Challenge ...
Sally’s lawyer sends me a heavy handed email.
He is not a happy bunny.

On Friday evening, I received an email from Sally Morgan’s solicitor, Graham Atkins of Atkins Thomson. He has “17 years experience in the legal aspects of the media, reputation management and branding industries”.


However, having consulted with my friend and media lawyer Robert Dougans (Bryan Cave), I wanted to reply to Mr Atkins’ email and make both his email and my reply public. Here goes.

Dear Mr Atkins.

I don't see why you are able to send me what I perceive to be a heavy handed legal email and then oblige me not to disclose this. I do not see anything in your email that is of a confidential nature. Indeed, your email contains matters that should be very public, e.g., I presume you want me to tell people that your client, hereafter referred to as "Sally", at the current time does not plan to attend the Psychic Sally Halloween Challenge on Monday.

Moreover, I see the contents of your email as a matter of public interest; Sally has a large business, which has a turnover of several million pounds each year, and her abilities are currently the subject of much discussion. Finally, I think the public should also be aware of the way in which Sally is using her solicitor to deal with those who write about her.
By publishing your email and my response, I hope that you, Sally and the public will better appreciate my position.

Your original email is in black italics, and my reply after each paragraph is in red.....the comments section are particularly amusing.