Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#Carnival : Costa #Concordia - The Truth Needs To be Exposed

It has to be said. Someone has to get angry about this. And something needs to be done, not just about Captain Gutless, Francesco Schettino, the skipper of the ship he drove onto an Italian island, but also about the cruise line that allowed him to perpetrate this brand of arrogant stupidity.

Because, the more that comes out of the tragic case of the Costa Concordia, the more it is clear this was NOT the first time the ship had 'buzzed' the island of Giglio. And someone back at Costa HQ in Genoa knew about it, and did nothing.

Capt Gutless was given a tacit green light for his little manoeuvre on Friday night that has so far cost 11 innocent people their lives, with another 24 still missing.

And with the tenacity and courage the Italian authorities are so far showing in tackling this utter tragedy, I doubt they will stop at indicting just the captain (and his senior officer). The sad fact is, Costa is the toxic cruise line, a pariah in sea-going circles, who allowed criminal behaviour to carry on under their very noses; if not encouraged then certainly tolerated.

And that, in today's international age, will not go unnoticed.

There is still a lot more to come out about the sad circumstances of the Concordia. The whole nature of the evacuation needs to be investigated and detailed. There are sure to be stories of great heroism among many of the Costa crew, as well as the passengers.

There is no stain of moral bankruptcy to be levelled at the vast majority of the 1,000 crew members, who had to operate in the most extreme of circumstances. And the vast number of Costa staff worldwide will be equally appalled at the behaviour of Capt Gutless.

No, this level of sheer, dumbfounding stupidity occurs only at the top, with those who knew and allowed the rogue captain to operate with impunity.

And the forthcoming enquiry should have them in the dock as well as so-called 'Captain' Schettino.!/2012/01/costa-toxic-cruise-line.html