Thursday, January 26, 2012

#SallyMorgan Denies FRAUD And Invites You To Question Her BUT If You Do She Removes Your Posts From Facebook!

Grand Canal Theatre, Dublin

I would like to address the recent allegations made towards me regarding my show at the Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin.

All my life I have run the gauntlet of cynic and sceptics, many are genuine people that are intrigued or unsure but there are also people that point blank would never allow themselves to understand what I do. Because of the work that I do I have to live with such accusation of being a “fraud” or a “con artist” on a daily basis however this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t upset me.

My live shows are very expressive and for this reason I have always used a head microphone instead of using a hand held microphone. The head-mic runs from my ear, down my back and into a radio pack. This head-mic is for sound to go out to the audience not the other way around, it is impossible for me to hear through this.

I left my show at the Grand Canal Theatre feeling on top of the world. I felt it was a fantastic show and over 700 people waited behind to meet me at the end. I was completely unaware that two young lads Stuart McKeown and Mick Skelly, who are employed by the theatre as technicians had been accused of feeding me information.

Apparently during the second half of the show, a window from the production room was open and audience members with their back to them could hear them talking.

An usherette quickly diffused the situation and asked them to close the window but someone construed that these two people were telling me what to say.

I have never met these two boys before in my life and more importantly, they have nothing to do with my show. I have no communication with them and there is no way they would have been able to talk to me when I was on stage.

I have also been informed of another theory that staff at the theatre were going around the audience digging for information.

To think that everyone involved at the theatre’s I perform in are involved in a big conspiracy is ludicrous. Firstly where would I store all this information in my head, my work is instant. When I get a thought about a person, which I call a message, it is completely spontaneous.

It is unfortunate that with my work, when you are accurate it stirs in some people the need to prove that it isn’t accurate. People wonder “where am I getting it from” and for many they would only ever understand if t could be explained scientifically.

The work that I do opens up so many possibilities for us but there are many people that are closed off to these. I understand this, I ask questions about what I do every day.

I am very aware that the work that I do isn’t for everyone.

I try to make my shows entertaining for the audience and always ensure that there is plenty of laughter as well as the tears that often come. I totally respect cynics and sceptics as if we don’t ask questions we don’t get answers however my aim is not to convert anyone but just to enable people to witness how we can make a connection with our loved ones in spirit.

I have received many letters of encouragement and support of my work and this inspires me to continue what I do.

I hope this statement puts to rest these accusations and I look forward to coming back to the Grand Canal Theatre in March 2012.