Thursday, January 26, 2012

#SallyMorgan How #CrystalBalls Fits Her 'Predictions'

Open quoteI SAID, 'Oh my God!' And Fiona said, 'Sally, what is it?' 'Oh my God,' I repeated. 'I really don't like what I'm seeing here.'
'What? What is it?' 'The Queen's going to die. She's going to die in a car accident.'

I could see a car. Blackness seeming to crowd in on it. I wasn't able to make out the car, just the darkness of its colour. And there was a body.

Visions ... psychic Sally Morgan
Visions ... psychic Sally Morgan

My hands flew to my mouth. 'Oh my God, Fiona,' I repeated. 'I can see them. They're pulling a body out of a car.' I saw the body of a woman on the ground. '... on a road . ...'

Her feet remained in the car. Now I could feel a thumping against my own chest.

In the vision I saw figures crowding around the prone body of the person — it was the Queen; somehow, I knew it to be the Queen.

They were trying to resuscitate her. 'It's very dark,' I said to Fiona. 'I feel like I'm in a tunnel and, oh my goodness me, the next week the Queen Mother dies.'

Fiona was staring at me. 'What? The Queen dies and the Queen Mother dies?'
'Yes,' I insisted. 'It's a week later. I can see her funeral. First the Queen, then the Queen Mother.'

Fiona (an aide of Princess Diana whose name has been changed) took the tape of our conversation to Kensington Palace and I suppose the Princess must have listened to it.

I virtually forgot all about it, and the reading. Then, on August 31, 1997, a prediction I barely remembered came horribly true.

Footnote:  It was no secret that Diana had told many people that the Establishment wanted to bump her off. It was also no secret that Diana said they will blow me up in a helicopter or  do something to my car. One cannot help but wonder now if this charlaton, manipulated Diana at a  very vulnerable stage in her life, she was certainly trying to control her thoughts as we can see in this article by The SUN. The question must now remain did Diana write a letter claiming Charles was planning an 'accident'  in her car AFTER listening to the TAPED ramblings of Sally Morgan?