Sunday, February 19, 2012

#DenierGate : #Heartland Lashes Out As Scandal Breaks

The past few days haven’t been very pleasant for the faux think tank Heartland Institute. On Tuesday a source going by the name of “Heartland Insider” leaked several strategy documents and Heartland’s 2012 budget to the DeSmogBlog.
A leading mouthpiece for climate denial and the fossil fuel industry, the right-wing lobbying group now finds itself at the mercy of their own tactics, with the sadly humorous twist (though not unexpected) that the irony of their situation is totally lost on the witless organization. Heartland was a proud supporter of “climategate,” in which thousands of private emails from climate scientists were hacked and misrepresented to the press, but now cry foul when their own policy adjectives are exposed for the world to see.
Among the items exposed in the leaked documents is a proposal for the Heartland Institute to pay climate skeptic David Wojick to develop a climate science curriculum for K-12 schoolchildren “that shows that the topic of climate change is controversial and uncertain.” The $100,000 budget proposed for the  project would be funded primarily by one person referred to in the document as the “Anonymous Donor.”