Sunday, February 19, 2012

#DenierGate Scandal : #Guardian - #BBC Had No Interest In Checking Their Facts!


Deniergate started when someone released a number of documents of which some appear to be genuine Heartland Documents and one clearly isn’t (and there’s no way a professional organisation would produce something like that).

Like climategate there has been a scandal, there may even have been some law breaking (but what was the release of the UEA emails?) But the real scandal is that so many journalists from the Guardian to the Black Propaganda at the BBC were ready and willing to print this story without checking the facts.

Black even went as far as to overtly attempt to stir this up into a “deniergate” – attempting to suggest that the “deniers” had been shown to have been denying, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth. If anything these documents show a rather modest lobby organisation, which has major interests in lobbying for tobacco, and quite small interests lobbying against global warming WITH NO APPARENT OIL more