Thursday, February 2, 2012

Derek Akhora :Psychic Exposes Himself As A Fraud On Ghost Hunt

According to his website Derek Acorah is ‘Britain’s finest professional spirit-medium’. In his stage presentation he talks about spiritualism and the love of God. But it is as part of Living TV’s ‘Most Haunted’ show that he is best known to the general public. His apparent ability to channel spirits almost at will has brought him the kind of fame usually restricted to pop stars.

Recently there have been a number of features in the national UK press dealing with the television phenomena that is Derek Acorah.

These features have, generally, ridiculed his claims to communicate with discarnate spirits and one article in The Daily Mirror actually provided evidence that he was a fraud.

Some have poked gentle fun at his camp style, nonsensical gibberings and effeminate mannerisms. But despite this all are agreed that Derek Acorah is entertaining. But this is entertainment with a hidden cost, that cost is the reputation of Spiritualism.

Acorah is self-billed as a ‘spirit-medium’ that is he claims to be able to communicate with discarnate entities. In The Independent it was reported that Acorah once ‘communicated’ with a fictional character called Viviane Radclyffe who was invented by the novelist Harrison Ainsworth(1805-1882) more

Derek Akhora 'chatting' with the very dead Michael Jackson.