Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Gareth Williams Assassination : Why American NSA And British GCHQ Had Gareth Williams Assassinated

By Trowbridge H. Ford                                      … editing   Jim W. Dean

Past NSA and CIA Director - Michael Hayden
The National Security Agency’s new Director in 1999, Air Force General Michael Hayden, had a long career in its surveillance operations.
But his primary qualification for office was his adherence to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement – one which sought direct religious experience with Christ through Pentecostal and evangelical experience.

It was a millenarian type of religious group, reminiscent of the crusading orders of the Middle Ages, and best exemplified in the modern world by the Knights of Malta, the great recruiting agency of many of today’s New World Order people.

Its capacity to find essential professionals, and fit them into key government positions goes far beyond what Yale University’s Skull and Bones Society can accomplish.

While Hayden was attending Pittsburgh’s Duquesne University, he studied American history – getting an M.A. on the impact of the Marshall Plan upon Europe, the first step in the West’s renewal after the catastrophic collapse in WWII.....a truly fascinating read

For Those Of You Who Believe The Author Of This Article, Towbridge H Ford Is Some Kind Of Nut, Here Is His Response. Further more I cannot believe the entire British Goverment is covering up the death of three year old Madeleine McCann but it is a fact, and it is hard to swallow.

You can wear the tin foil hat for all care, but aren’t these pretty well established facts about America’s recent covert government:

1. NSA’s Hayden and CIA’s Tenet esblished a covert plot to catch the 19 Muslim hijackers red-handed, thanks to what the Agency had picked up about Khalid Al-<Midhar et al. before the bombing of the USS Cole – what led NSA to adopt Trailblazer in the hope that it would be able to connect the dots about future terrorist attacks on the USA?

2. Wasn't the FBI, especially John O'Neill, moved aside from protecting the WTC because CIA-NSA suspected that it had become unreliable about such operations because of the spying by Robert Hanssen for the Soviets and subsequently the Russians?

3. When the 19 suspected hijackers turned out to be deadly suicide bombers who the team of 15 unarmed Agency agents under the direction of Barbara Olson were incapable of stopping, NSA went ballistic over eavesdropping – what ultimately enabled it to do whatever it wanted despite the fallout from Operation Shamrock, and the safeguards which had been established, thanks particularly to the revelations exposed by the Church Committee?

3. To help fend off damaging blowback from these failures and unprecedented initiatives, NSA had its satellite agency, the National Reconnaissance Office, cause earthquakes in the qanat developed areas and underground nuclear facilities in Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, China, and North Korea – showing that the world had moved into a new stage where space weapons can achieve on call what devastating natural disasters and conventional wars had only been able to achieve?

4. Wasn't the problem with the massive eavesdropping by Trailblazer that NSA could not determine the messages of suspected Russian, Chinese and other spies because there seemed to be so few despite what Reed and Stillman ranted about, especially if the spies were only sleepers waiting for something signiificant to happen before they informed their superiors, and received instructions about how to deal with it?

5. Weren't the only suspected spies of this sort the Manhattan 10 who Robert C. Metsos had put together for Tenet and Hayden, but whatever communications they had had together than been lost, thanks to the total confusion cause by Trailblazer?

6. Didn't the FBI finally figure out how to make up for this void by supplying them with top-of-the-line, encrypted laptops, and then ordered them to do things spies do so that they would belatedly incriminate themselves?

7. Didn't decoding their messages require the special assistance of GCHQ whiz kid Gareth Williams who had been seconded to do such work for MI6?

8. And didn't he become a gigantic problem when he figured out what NSA/GCHQ had been doing, especially conducting the entrapment of sexy Anna Chapman right out of the MI6 safehouse that he was then occupying, resulting in the necessity of killing him to keep the close intelligence alliance between Britain and America intact?