Saturday, February 11, 2012

Who Killed Brian Jones ?

It is now forty years since Brian Jones’ demise, where (dependent upon one’s sources) he either drowned or was murdered. No-one that was around the Stones at the time and none of the Stones’ musicians, have ever offered a public opinion as to what happened to Brian. His death has been “shrouded in mystery” and characterised by police incompetence, an absurd and inadequate coronial enquiry, and very little sympathy from anyone other than his band mates and his immediate family. No-one, it seems, wishes to go “on the record” concerning Brian, and now (apparently) the police have new evidence regarding Brian’s death. There is a possibility that the original police investigation will be re-opened. The original police enquiry was a farrago of incompetence that makes the keystone cops looks  positively professorial. It’s time for people to say what they think.

Brian Jones was murdered. Of this there is little doubt. He was not murdered by the man who was in charge of the building work at Brian’s farm, a gentleman by the name of Thorogood who is popularly credited by conspiracy theorists with doing the deed.  He was almost certainly murdered by the very man whose role it was to protect him, Tom Keylock. The man who less than forty eight hours after the murder, emptied the house of its valuable contents, and burnt substantial amounts of papers and personal items of Brian Jones on a bonfire in the front more

Just for the record Honestman, Keylock first tried to say Jones might have died of an asthma attack, the autopsy ruled this out. It was said he was drunk. The autopsy said he had the equivalent of 31/2 pints of beer in his system. He was prescribed Mandrax ( as sleeping tablets), valium, Medihaler (for asthma), and Durophet (back bombers) probably to help lose weight. His doctor,Dr. Greenburgh, said Jones's drug requirements were becoming less and he had shown considerable improvement. A fairly large quantity of an amphetamine like substance was found in his urine. One of the officers on scene found five Durophet capsules in Thorogood's coat pocket. (Jones was only prescribed ten by his doctor.) When asked, Thorogood said he was "holding them for Brian." The officer told him he was sending them away to be analyzed and he would need to speak with him when he got back the results. He was warned. Thorogood was only warned...