Wednesday, February 8, 2012

#Wirral :MP's blast: Incompetent council officers cost Wirral £60m in lost grants

MP's blast: 'Incompetent council officers cost Wirral £60m in lost grants'

MP's blast: Incompetent council officers cost Wirral £60m in lost grants 
BIRKENHEAD MP Frank Field called on a Government minister to send in commissioners to run Wirral Council following a series of "administrative failings."
Speaking at a Parliamentary debate at Westminster Hall this afternoon, he listed three failed initiatives which he said had cost the local authority around £60m in missed grants.

He told Local Government and Communities minister Bob Neill that senior officers “either couldn’t be bothered or were not efficient enough” to get an application for a Rock Ferry housing scheme completed on time.

He claimed Wirral councillors were not aware of an agreement to undertake a long-term rental scheme at the Cheshire Lines building in Birkenhead, costing £11m.

And finally, he said, plans to create a new building to house the academy school at Birkenhead were not developed by the deadline and meant the borough lost out on a £40m grant.

“This is about the quality and the judgements senior officers have made,” said Mr Field.

“What we have seen is a series of appalling errors of judgement and crass inefficiency from a small group of senior officers.”

Wirral West Conservative MP Esther McVey agreed with Mr Field’s comments about the authority’s failings, but said its politicians should be held to account. more

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