Monday, March 12, 2012

#A4e And #G4S :The Fake Charities That Are No Better Than A4e and G4S

The Guardian has finally picked up on the charities involved in workfare and benefit sanctions with a piece entitled Why did large charities embrace the government’s work schemes?’.

Buried in the community section of the website, this is probably the best that can be expected from a newspaper that depends on charity recruitment ads to stay in business.  Unlike workfare, at least most of those jobs carry a salary.

Even then it largely let’s the Disability Works members off the hook.  Many big name disability charities, including Mencap, MIND and Scope, have all joined forces to deliver sub-contracts for the Government’s mandatory Work Programme.  Sick and disabled claimants, along with unemployed people can be mandated to work related activity or face benefit sanctions.  As yet claimants on the health related benefit ESA cannot be forced into workfare, however the Government has pledged to change that as soon as possible, with Minister Chris Grayling pushing for charities to be at the heart of the scheme.

Unemployed people can be forced onto up to six months full time workfare, often for private companies including ASDA and Poundstretcher.  Failure to attend leads to loss of benefits.
The Guardian reports that charities claim that they ‘will not play a role in imposing sanctions’.  This appears to be the party line having been spouted by several major charities over the last couple of weeks.

This is an utter distortion of the truth and reveals the contempt charities feel for both users and donors alike.  That they think this let’s them off the hook just shows that they think we are fucking stupid.  Tesco played a far lesser role in imposing benefit sanctions, yet even corporate bastards like them didn’t stoop to this level of more