Saturday, March 31, 2012

#MI6 Gareth Williams : Who Murdered Him ? - Some Claim To Know And The Reason Why !

Barrister for Murdered spy Gareth Williams from Angelsey told the Inquest into his murder that the suspect who murdered Gary was an " unknown third party was a member of some agency specialising in the dark arts of the secret services, and perhaps evidence was removed from the scene post mortem by an expert in those dark arts.”

The family did not know if the “third party” might have belonged to a British or foreign agency”

Those whose feet have not walked in dark corridors , or met people in car parks and tube stations may find Gareth’s life intriguing. But Gareth’s work was far from intriguing mostly it was commonplace only his special gifts adding any glamour to it.

Gareth was destined to walk in the poorly paid and secretive corridors of rather boring organization that snoop on other people.

But suddenly his life took a new turn which found him on secondment to the firm (MI6) and then to the agency (CIA).

At a high level meeting in New Mexico Maryland Gareths fate was sealed but Gareth did not know that he had become a pawn in a bigger game.

Brilliant as he was only years of experience in the inner worlds of intrigue and deception could have alerted him to the danger

The facts so far revealed that he had been living for 11 months at 36 Alderney Street Pimlico a Mi6 Safe House. After returning from the States on the 11th August he spoke to his sister Ceri in London. That was the last time Ceri Spoke to her beloved brother 10 days later he was discovered dead in the safe house after Ceri failing to get an answer to her telephone calls alerted the police.

Once his death was discovered person or persons unknown decided to tell the media and then lots of different factions went into operation. The cover-up squad put out that he died in bizarre sex game and we heard an array of more lurid and imaginative ideas designed to obfuscate the truth.

The truth is that the apartment looked unlived in and undisturbed Garth was tidy but not that tidy. The Phone direct to MI6 had not been used and the surveillance cameras were missing.

Someone had deliberately made the death bizarre by putting Gareth alive onto a large red North Face Bag with his feet and hands squashed in a most uncomfortable position behind his back,. No-one would willingly get into that position, the bag was then padlocked and his living body placed n the Bath, He would be unable to escape but there were no signs of a struggle. The door to the apartment has been locked from the outside.

FBI agents have questioned baggage handlers at Washington's Dulles International Airport. None of them recall loading a large North Face holdall of the type in which Mr Williams's decomposing body was later discovered in the bath of his flat.

CCTV camera tapes at the airport have been subjected to FBI "Face Recognition" analysis to establish if Mr Williams arrived alone for his departure flight – or whether he was at any stage accompanied by the Mediterranean looking man and woman being sought by the Metropolitan Police.

Agents have also searched an apartment in the US used by Mr Williams close to the offices of the NSA, in a bid to establish if his death presents a threat to their own national security.

As we revealed in earlier reports Gareth was working in the USA trying to brake a code which so far has been broken by no-one on earth we also revealed that his death was not a British Affair.

This is a carefully orchestrated death and exposure which is part of a secret intelligence war being played out across the United Kingdom and the globe.

spiked story is based in London, England, United Kingdom, and is a Reporter for Allvoices.