Sunday, April 8, 2012


Supporters of Gary McKinnon protest outside the Home Office in London
Supporters of Gary McKinnon protest outside the Home Office in London
Britain's Home Office interior ministry investigates reports that hacking group Anonymous had attacked its website
Hackers from the group known an Anonymous took down the UK Home Office Website as part of a wider anti-extradition protest to support Chris Tappin, Richard O'Dwyer and Gary McKinnon.

They put out a banner called "Op Trial At Home" calling on all members and associates to act to protest against the extradition of three UK citizens accused of various crimes within the US including those relating to hacking and copyright infringement, and each could face lengthy jail sentences.

McKinnon is accused of hacking into 97 US military and Nasa computers while O'Dwyer is charged with several counts of copyright infringement.

Already extradited, Tappin stands accused of illegally selling and sending air defence batteries to Iran.

Meanwhile in the UK the High Court has ruled that Google inc the Big US conglomerate can publish anything about anyone even their address. They are now able to breach European law Human Rights Law and copy-write laws simply because they are an American Company.

The stark difference between the way UK citizens and companies are treated and the way US citizens and companies are treated by their respective Governments has lead to justified anger.

Anonymous now plan more attacks and will step up their activity.