Sunday, April 15, 2012

#CIA : #Anonymous Takes Down Department Of Justice.

The US Department of Justice site is down, reportedly due to a DDoS attack by an Anonymous hacktivist group member. Earlier, the CIA’s site fell victim to a similar assault, but managed to get back on track.

US Central Intelligence Agency site has been taken down by Anonymous hacktivist group twice before: February 2012 in June 2011.

The winter attack was directed against US law enforcement agencies and copyright holders. CIA’s site came down along with official websites of US Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and others. Anonymous was quick to claim the responsibility.

Following the attack, an alleged member of Anonymous has uploaded a video explaining how the collective crushed the agency’s online presence — and why the CIA should have been ready. If what happened today was indeed a DDoS attack, then CIA was obviously ready to fight it off.

Back in February, it seemed that among those downed, was the one less prepared. It took them several hours to get back online, while was revived in mere minutes.

The technique also known as a DDoS, is a concentrated effort by multiple individuals to make a network busy to its intended users. The end results in a server overload.

DDoS attacks are a violation of the Internet Architecture Boards’s proper use policy. That, however, does not stop Anonymous using it as an effective tool to spread online mayhem.