Monday, April 9, 2012

#Lithuania #OpLithChild : Paedophile Judges And Murder - The Only Witness - A Small Child Who Was Pimped By Her Own Mother.

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The story.

A daughter was born after the marriage of Drasius Kedys and Laima Stankunaite in 2004; years later they divorced. Mom got custody but neglected her child, so the father brought her to live with him, with the court’s approval.

The young girl began telling her father that she had been raped by several men, and that her mother would take her to a rented apartment, where she had to satisfy the sexual needs of three men, was molested, and sexually abused. Drasius called the police promptly – just after the investigation began it ended abruptly and illegally when it was found exactly which particular men were being accused of the pedophilia  –  judge/judges and politicians.
Jonas Furmanavicius, the Judge of the Kaunas Regional Court and politician Andrius Usas were both accused; another was only remembered as Aidas by the child.

Drasius Kedys, the father, was relentless, submitting over 200 statements to the Lithuanian law enforcement authorities asking to investigate the case of pedophilia thoroughly. Drasius suddenly went missing.  On the day that this was announced, Judge Jonas Furmanavicius and Violeta Naruseviciene, the sister of Laima Stankunaite (the mother), who, according to Kedys, had also been an alleged accomplice in this procuration case, were all shot in Kaunas.

Drasius was charged with these crimes, although his fingerprints were not found on the firearms; no other evidence confirmed his alleged guilt — at this point, the demonization of the only protector the child has ever known began publicly –  he was accused of drug abuse and as a member of a gang, although there was no evidence of such.

In April of 2010, Drasius was murdered. Gone — the only trusted person for the Lithuanian girl to go to, to love her and to protect her. Ripped from her life. A detailed investigation of his murder did not occur.

Drasius’s body was found near the Kaunas Lagoon. The story gets worse. The authorities deemed his death as the result of drinking, then choking on the contents of his stomach, however, an independent investigation by experts confirm that he was beaten, tortured, then drowned.

The young girl’s custody was given to the father’s sister, Neringa Venckiene. Like her brother, Neringa was relentless, pursuing justice in her niece’s case and the case of her allegedly murdered brother.

The prosecutor’s negligence prompted another committee to be formed to delve into this case in order to get to the truth. The committee found the girl’s allegations to be true after sifting through the evidence. This resolution was announced publicly and presented to the President — never disputed or appealed.

After two thorough psychiatric and psychological examinations, the girl was found to be truthful. The same cannot be said of the mother, or the other party accused,  Andrius Usas. Lie detector tests did not result in their favor.

They lied. 

As far as we’ve gotten in this story, it should not surprise you that both defendants remain free.  Although their guilt was found to be worthy of trial by prosecutors, it was up to the court to take action - official allegations have not been made against Jonas Furmanavicius, nor against potential procuress, the girl’s mother Laima Stankunaite.

The young Lithuanian girl suffered from two years of abuse, having to endure unconscionable things, such as oral and vaginal sex at three years old. Are you upset yet?

 It gets even worse.

The court is forcing her to go back to her mother.

The child is close to her aunt and feels secure, however, the court is ripping that bond from its very foundations, shattering the young child’s life — again. In 2010 DELPHI reported, “Audrone Skuciene, Aunt and godmother Kedys was shocked by the court decision and said that the relatives do not intend to enforce the order.” (that’s loosely translated).

After finding out she would have to return to her mother’s, the child suffered from shock. She became ill, vomiting, screaming and crying; an ambulance was called (see: video's at link below).

Since then, the court remains steadfast that the girl be forced to live with her mother — the mother who sold her to strangers for their perverted sexual satisfaction.

The girl feels unsafe, sleeping in bed with her aunt every night.

 The mother has no stable residence, no income and no heart.

Can this get worse? Yes, yes it can. When the child is returned to her mother, both will be sent to a foreign country. Both are witnesses to the clan of pedophiles; both are not victims more