Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#Spook Gareth Williams : Analysis by Danny Shaw Home affairs correspondent, BBC News

The longer the inquest goes on, the more questions there are.
Why did Gareth Williams have a newspaper cutting about people's regrets when they were dying?

Were the £20,000 of women's clothing and shoes for his own use, part of a fashion collection or gifts for friends? And how significant are the DNA traces found on the padlock and zip of the holdall his body was found in?

There are many other elements of this intriguing case which don't seem to add up. But surely one of the key points is why it took until 23 August for police to be informed that he might be missing.

Gareth was due to attend a work meeting and meet someone at his flat seven days earlier but the man likened to a "Swiss watch" never showed up.

Did his work colleagues at MI6 realise he wasn't around? And if they did - what did they do about it? Gareth's family in particular will be hoping for some answers.