Thursday, May 24, 2012

#Ukraine : Barry Pring Murder - Anna Zuizina, 29, ex-stripper - Did She Put Out A Contract Killing To Claim Her Now Dead Husbands Estate?

Police have reopened an inquiry into the death of a British businessman in Kyiv in February 2008 following pressure from his family who are deeply concerned over his internet bride's claims to his estate.

Barry Pring, 47, was dragged 30 metres along a deserted dual carriageway by a car having just celebrated his first anniversary with Anna Zuizina, 29, an ex-stripper whom he met on the internet. At the time, police called it a hit-and-run, and the case was closed last year when no new evidence had come to light.
But his family, who believes he was executed by a contract killer, has kept the pressure on, and finally, after British Foreign Secretary William Hague got involved, Ukrainian police have reopened the investigation and it is now a murder inquiry.