Tuesday, May 22, 2012

#Ukraine : Barry Pring Murder - Police Wish To Interview Anna Ziuzina.

The family of a London businessman run down by a car in the Ukraine on his first wedding anniversary said today the opening of a murder investigation into his death gave them fresh hope his killers would be brought to justice.
Detectives have upgraded their inquiry into the death of Barry Pring, 47, from Battersea, from an unexplained ‘traffic accident’ to ‘intentional murder’.

Officers say they are now keen to interview his widow Anna Ziuzina, 33, who previously worked in strip clubs and met Mr Pring through a dating agency.

The family of Mr Pring, who owned a string of properties and ran an IT consultancy, have been fighting to uncover the truth about his 2008 death amid allegations of police corruption, incompetence and a cover-up.

But his brother Shaughan, 49, said his family hoped the decision by police to upgrade their inquiry would increase their chance of finding out why and how he was killed.

He said: “There has got to be a better chance now. Looking through these papers they have more than enough evidence to make this a murder case.

“A primary school child could work out what happened if they looked at the papers the Ukrainian police have. We have been up against the fact that the Ukraine doesn’t have a great reputation for being corrupt.

“I am sure with this case there has been a lot of skullduggery going on. We have done everything honestly and ethically, we have had meetings with a foreign minister and our MP.”

Mr Pring, who lives in Exeter, said he believed it was only the political pressure caused by the intervention of Foreign Secretary William Hague, who met his Ukrainian counterpart last month, that led to a change of heart.

He said he did not know the current whereabouts of Ms Ziuzina, who is involved in an increasingly bitter legal battle with her husband’s British relatives over his £1.5million estate.
He said: “Our objective is to find out what happened and bring those responsible to justice. We don’t give two hoots about the money, we just don’t want the people who murdered him to get it.”

Mr Pring was struck by a car travelling at 80mph as he waited for a cab on the hard shoulder of a deserted dual carriageway on the outskirts of Kiev in February 2008.

The vehicle’s lights were switched off at the time of impact and debris found at the scene included false number plates and a bogus taxi sign.

Nikolai Zhukovich, spokesman for Kiev police, told the Daily Mail that the case had been “re-categorised to a murder investigation” but refused to reveal details about suspects.
He said: “The only thing I can say – we think it was murder and now we are investigating it in this way as a successful attempt on Pring’s life.

“We now want to interview Anna Ziuzina. Our investigator will first just invite her to come. If she does not come, we’ll apply to the court. We do not think she is hiding, so we hope she will just come and talk to us.”

A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesman said: “We continue to provide consular assistance to Mr Pring’s family in what must be very difficult circumstances.

“Minister for Europe, David Lidington, met the family earlier this year to discuss how best the FCO can help to get clarity on the circumstances around Mr Pring’s death.

“We cannot interfere in another country’s judicial process just as they cannot interfere in ours.

 We cannot comment on ongoing investigations – we continue to urge the Ukrainian authorities to ascertain the exact circumstances around Mr Pring’s death.”