Thursday, May 24, 2012

#Ukraine: Barry Pring - The Price Of A Hitman In Ukraine.


Expert crime fighters say that domestic murders are usually carried out by ordinary ex-convicts without any special skills and drug addicts — people who need money and have no moral barriers to killing their fellow man. The main thing for them is to have something with which to kill: if they are given a gun, they will shoot; given a knife, they will stab OR if they are given a car..... Firearms are rarely used in contracted domestic murders – perhaps a hunting rifle or a sawed-off shotgun at the most. These hired killers have no special skills, so they stalk their victims clumsily, often even very primitively. In contrast, professionals work out a detailed plan and know their victims almost intimately.

According to public information from the Interior Ministry, most of the contracted murders it has managed to prevent were domestic killings. This is because when an ordinary person not linked to a criminal gang goes shopping for a hitman, he is bound to run into police informers. Law enforcement officers imitate a murder, take staged photos, show them to the client and arrest him as he transfers the money.

“Attempts on the lives of businessmen make up 90% of all contracted killings, while domestic murders, such as those caused by family feuds, division of property or other material interests, account for just a few percent of the total,” Kornienko explains.