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#US Produce #GM Baby Monsters - Latest Disturbing Reports Coming From A Rogue State.

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Many experts speak out against the announcement

In a developing story, the Daily Mail is now reporting that the very first (admitted) group of genetically modified babies have been ‘created’ in the United States. The scientists involved reportedly announced the result on the night of June 27th, stating that 30 babies were born using genetic modification techniques.

Furthermore, 2 of the babies tested were found to contain genes from a total of 3 different parents. The experiment also lasted over 3 years or more according to the researchers, which may be one of many.

The ‘GM babies’ were born into women who had trouble conceiving their own children. In order to ‘birth’ the babies, extra genes from a female donor were inserted into the women’s eggs before they were fertilized. After conception, scientists fingerprinted 2 of the one-year-old children and confirmed that they inherited DNA from 3 adults — one man and 2 women.

What this means is that due to inheriting these extra genes through the genetic modification process, they will now be able to pass them along to their offspring. In other words, these genetically modified babies — if allowed to mate with non-GM humans — could potentially alter the very genetic coding of generations to more

#Obamacare Ruling Corrupt - Krauthammer (Video)

Pat Dollard

Krauthammer is saying that Roberts abdicated his Constitutional, legal, moral, ethical, civic and patriotic duties to judge the law on its merits and issue a ruling based on same, and instead issued a decision based on nothing more than what he thought would be in his personal and the court’s best interests vis a vis reputation and legacy. What he is charging here is that Roberts committed a myriad of crimes with this single, corrupt at link provided.

#Cuba #UFO: Fidel Castro Shown Crashed UFO And Bodies - President Nixon Told Jack Gleason That He Had Positive Proof UFO's Existed.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Oldham: Footage - Smell Of Gas Before Explosion Leaves One Child Dead.

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A child was killed and a man seriously burned in an explosion that destroyed a house in northwest England. One person was believed to be trapped in the rubble and another unaccounted for. The injured man was taken to a nearby hospital with burns to 80 percent of his body. The explosion left a smoking pile of rubble where the terraced house had stood in the town of Oldham, 260 km northwest of London. The National Grid utilities company said five houses were damaged and 100 homes evacuated after the blast. It said residents had complained of a smell of gas before the blast and police said they were investigating a possible gas leak.

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Baxter Flu Vaccine Was Laced With Deadly Lab Created Bird Flu Virus, LETHAL 63% (i.e., 6 out of 10 would have DIED from that intentionally-poisoned vaccine!)

“Millions of Europeans would have already died had it not been for one lab in Czechoslovakia fortuitously discovering only last November (2008) that the Baxter seasonal ‘flu vaccine’ that was about to be sent out was laced with a deadly, 63% LETHAL (i.e., 6 out of 10 would have DIED from that intentionally-poisoned vaccine!) lab-created Bird Flu virus. Despite an ongoing Austrian police investigation, due to the efforts of Austrian Journalist, Jane Burgermeister ( Baxter is still one of the major players contracted by WHO to supply ‘swine flu vaccine’ all over the world! Perhaps to be mandatorily injected into YOU! Yes, FORCED upon us under threat of being “quarantined” within FEMA “Detention Centers” as is now law* (even though said “laws” are blatantly unconstitutional and therefore technically void from their inception).”

Monday, June 25, 2012

Mexico: Fast And Furious Obama Victims ? -2 shot to death, 1 wounded at Mexico City airport; victims are federal police officers, spokesman says -

Two people have been shot to death in front of a terminal at Mexico City's international airport and another wounded.

The airport spokesman says the victims are federal police officers.

The federal Public Safety Department says at least one was an officer, but was checking the identity of the others. Details of the shooting are still more

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Charles Linderbergh Kidnapping : 'Why Did You Kill Me ? ' Letter From The Alleged Killer Bruno Richard Hauptmann....On What May Have Been A Fabricated Abduction.

How easy is it to frame someone for a fabricated abduction ? Well

the McCanns and their friends framed Robert Murat...

The Charles Linderbergh Kidnapping : Was It A Hoax ?

Please read a fascinating inside story on Charles Linderbergh, and what may have been a simulated crime scene to claim abduction.

From the comments section:

One of their later children gave an interesting interview where he said when he was in the sixth grade he read in his history class about the "Lindbergh kidnapping". This was the first time he had heard he'd had a brother who had died before he was born, much less anything about the kidnapping. He went home after school and confronted his mother, who told him that he did have an an older brother and who was kidnapped and had died. Also the belief at the time was that they had faked the kidnapping and had killed the child themselves because the child had a clubbed foot and they were a very strange family who liked Hitler and didn't like physical imperfections.

Read more:

Hunt: The child's disappearance was one of the most sensational news stories of the 20th century 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Philpott Angels:Heart-breaking scene as six little white coffins containing bodies of the Philpott children who died in house fire arrive for their funeral.

There is not a single doubt in my mind that those six children would be alive today were it not for the McCanns and their fraudulent fund. The Philpotts thought they could play the same dangerous game , simulate a crime scene and create a fund....

This is Gerry McCann six days after he claimed his child was abducted by a paedophile...the fraudulent fund bringing in lots of money from around the globe , hence his joy!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lianne Smith: Guilty Verdict. 34 years in a Spanish prison after she was last night found guilty of murdering her two children.

Philpott Funerals : Six Philpott Angels Will Be Buried Today - The McCann Legacy - Dead Children And Fraudulent Funds.

philpott fire

Mike Philpott, back centre, with his children, wife and mistress

Church officials say Mr and Mrs Philpott, who are in custody awaiting trial, will not attend the service in St Mary's Catholic Church in Derby.

The BBC reported earlier this month family sources had indicated that Mick and Mairead Philpott will not attend despite wishing to.

Derbyshire Police have appealed for people to show respect and restraint towards mourners who will be at the funeral.

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Cotterill said the day of the funeral will be a sad one for the Philpott family, their friends, the local community and all those affected by the tragedy.

#SPIEF:Transcript of Vladimir Putin's address at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Olympics 2012 Illuminati Conspiracy ?

The Intimate Ann Dunham: Obama's Mother - Porno Images Appear.

Frank Marshall Davis Relationship

Racy photos of Barack Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, have recently surfaced in vintage fetish and bondage magazines. The photos, taken at Frank Marshall Davis' house in Honolulu, appeared in Bizarre Life, Exotique, Secret Pleasures, and Battling Babes. They help illustrate the intimate relationship between Dunham and Davis. "My father was from Kenya, he grew up herding goats," Barack Obama told the cheering crowds. Did Obama build his political career upon a fairy tale? Was Obama misdirecting Americans away from a deeply disturbing family background and a Marxist political foundation?

Obama's version of his early childhood is false - the family did not split up when the Kenyan Obama went to Harvard as he claimed. In fact, Ann Dunham took "Barry" to Seattle a few weeks after his birth (late August 1961), and began studies at the University of Washington, while the Kenyan remained in Hawaii. All evidence points to a "sham" marriage to cover up an illicit affair. Barack Obama began regular visits to Frank Marshall Davis' house at the age of 10, and Obama refers to Frank Marshall Davis throughout his autobiography as his childhood "mentor." Dreams from My Real Father makes the case that the Communist Party USA propagandist was both Obama's biological and ideological father, and likely indoctrinated Obama in Marxism during his formative years.To learn about more the true origins of Obama's life and politics, purchase the DVD here.

Luka Magnotta: Images -'cannibal' porn star murder suspect.

Luka Magnotta:Suspect in body dismemberment case extradited to Canada

­Canadian porn actor Luka Magnotta has been extradited from Germany to Canada, where he is facing charges of first-degree murder, defiling a corpse, threatening the prime minister and using the mail system to send “obscene, indecent, immoral or scurrilous” material. Magnotta was arrested at a Berlin Internet café reading stories about himself. He is the primary suspect in the killing and dismembering of Jun Lin, a Chinese student studying at Concordia University. Lin’s torso was later discovered in a garbage dump next to Magnotta’s home in Montreal.  Magnotta is alleged to have sent his body parts to the Conservative and Liberal party headquarters, as well as to two schools in Vancouver. Investigators also say he posted a video online showing himself having sex with the dismembered body.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mick & Mairead Philpott : Philpott Parents Murder Trial To Begin In January. The McCanns Taught Them Well - The BIG Difference They Did Not Have MP Gordon Brown To Help Them Escape Justice!

The parents of six children who died in a house fire in Derby are to go on trial for their murders in January next year.
Mick Philpott, 55, and his wife Mairead, 31, appeared at Nottingham Crown Court on Monday.
They were told at the preliminary hearing they would go on trial in January.

Their six children died following a house fire at their Derby home in Victory Road, Allenton, in May.

Jade Philpott, 10, and brothers John, nine, Jack, eight, Jessie, six and Jayden, five, died in the blaze and Duwayne, 13, died three days later.

Their funerals will be at St Mary's Church in St Alkmund's Way on Friday.

Church officials said Mr and Mrs Philpott would not be attending the funeral service.


Lianne Smith:British mother arrives at court in handcuffs to face trial for 'smothering two children with a plastic bag and spending the night in the room with their bodies'

Lianne Smith, pictured with her son Daniel, has been placed on suicide watch after learning of her partner's hanging in prison
Lianne Smith, pictured with her son Daniel, has been placed on suicide watch after learning of her partner's hanging in prison.

#Tunisia:Karim Alimi Cyber Activist Commits Suicide.

Tunisian cyber-activist Karim Alimi committed suicide on June 16 in his Ariana home, reported Shems FM Radio on Saturday.
Alimi, 29 years old, was found in his home in the Ariana neighborhood of Tunis. According to one of his close friends, Alimi’s frustration with the current conditions in Tunisia contributed to the decision to take his life. The same friend added that Alimi had mentioned suicide before.
A Tunisian blog, Tunisie Secret, described Alimi as a “little depressed and bitter” because he, like many other Tunisian activists, felt “manipulated by US intelligence services in order to destabilize Tunisia.”
Alimi was well-known for his web activity on social networks. Friends and associates remember him for his commitment to “the pursuit of justice and truth.”

Tony Nicklinson :Let Our Dad Die.

by Sally Beck

Lauren and Beth Nicklinson are clearly much-loved daughters. Their father Tony has a photograph of them hugging that he keeps by his bed, and his eyes come alive when he sees them. The feeling is mutual and they talk fondly of the father who both insist they even liked during their teenage years.

'We were quite lucky, most teenagers don't want their friends round their dad but we were quite happy to bring friends home. Dad was loud and used to get involved and was a good laugh,' Lauren, 24, a public relations account manager, says with affection.

Beth, 23, who is studying for a degree in animal science, would give anything to hear one of his fatherly lectures again. She says sadly, 'I can't remember the sound of his voice. We used to hate his lectures when we were younger, but we kind of miss them now. He'd lecture us about working hard at school and warn us about boys, life preparing stuff.

'He was very involved in our lives and he always encouraged us with our school work. When we were kids, he always played with us or took us swimming. You couldn't fault him as a dad. He was brilliant.'

Their unconditional love is the reason they are supporting his brave court battle that will allow someone to kill him if he wins.

Tony Nicklinson, 58, is a relatively young man but has almost no quality of life. In June 2005, a massive stroke destroyed most of his brain stem leaving him paralysed but mentally alert suffering what is known as 'locked in syndrome'. He can do no more than move his eyes and head. He cannot talk, or feed himself and he communicates by blinking at a perspex letter board or via computer. His mouth hangs open and he dribbles constantly. Tony, who was always an active man, says: 'It's like being buried alive.'

The stroke happened while he was on a business trip to Athens. He had had a mini stroke 18 months earlier that had left him temporarily paralysed down one side. He had said then that he was afraid of not being able to live an active life and that he wouldn't want to live if he couldn't participate fully.

As he lay in intensive care in Athens, Tony's loved ones, wife Jane, a former nurse, and Lauren, told doctors that he wouldn't want to live in his condition, but medical staff made it clear that they could not stop giving him his life-saving medication. He was flown back to the UK in August but by December, the 6'4" former rugby playing, sky diving, engineer, was talking about suicide.

Beth says: 'As soon as he could communicate with us he decided this. The doctors thought he might adapt and he promised he would give it two years which he did, but he still felt the same.'
The family, who had been living in Dubai, moved into a specially adapted bungalow in Melksham, Wilts, in May 2006, and began a new way of life, accepting that the man they knew was gone. Tony however, found life unbearable and by 2007, was asking Jane if she could help him die.

Lauren remembers. 'I was 19 by that time and at university. I got a call from my mum, she was sobbing and she said that dad had asked her to help him die.

'When we were still in Athens, we spoke about it then and it was agreed that dad didn't want to live. He'd had a mini stroke 18 months earlier and had been paralysed down one side but he recovered. He said then that he was afraid of not being able to live an active life and he was frightened of that. He said then that he wouldn't want to live if he couldn't participate fully.
'We tried to get the doctors to take him off all his drugs to see if he would die, but they wouldn't take him off anything.' Tony himself began refusing all life saving medication back in more

Thursday, June 14, 2012

#Mexico:Reporter kidnapped and brutally murdered in the state of Veracruz:


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bruce Davis : Charles Manson Follower Seeks Parole.

A former Charles Manson follower who was on the brink of release from prison two years ago before then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger intervened goes before another parole board panel Wednesday.

Bruce Davis is serving life sentences for two 1969 slayings, although he was not involved in the infamous murders by Manson followers of actress Sharon Tate and six others in Los Angeles. more

Forest Boy: Could This Boy Be Missing Ben Needham?

This photo provided by the Bderlin police department shows a teenage boy who wandered into the city almost nine months ago saying he had been living for the last five years in the forest with his father. Police said Wednesday, June 13, 2012, that despite intensive efforts they have been unable to determine who the English-speaking boy who calls himself "Ray" is and are appealing to the public for help. Ray says he was born in 1994 and his mother, Doreen, died in a car accident 12 years ago. He says his father Ryan died last August and he buried him in the woods where they'd been living, then wandered into Berlin and turned up at city hall. (AP Photo/Berlin Police Department)
This photo provided by the Bderlin …

  • This photo provided by the Bderlin police department shows a teenage boy who wandered into the city almost nine months ago saying he had been living for the last five years in the forest with his father. Police said Wednesday, June 13, 2012, that despite intensive efforts they have been unable to determine who the English-speaking boy who calls himself "Ray" is and are appealing to the public for help. Ray says he was born in 1994 and his mother, Doreen, died in a car accident 12 years ago. He says his father Ryan died last August and he buried him in the woods where they'd been living, then wandered into Berlin and turned up at city hall. (AP Photo/Berlin Police Department)
  • This photo provided by the Bderlin …

  • BERLIN (AP) — Berlin police on Wednesday released photos an English-speaking teenage boy who wandered into the city nine months ago saying he had been living for the last five years in the forest with his father.

    Police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf said all attempts to identify the boy since he emerged in the German capital on Sept. 5 have been unsuccessful, and they are now hoping the release of his photo may produce some leads.

    "We have checked his DNA against all missing person reports, sent the data to Interpol so that they could check it internationally, but unfortunately without any success," Neuendorf said.

    The boy has told authorities his father called him "Ray" and that he was born June 20, 1994, but claims not to know his last name or where he's from.

    He said his mother, Doreen, died in a car accident when he was 12 and after that he and his father, Ryan, took to the forest. He said they wandered using maps and a compass, staying in tents or caves overnight.

    He told authorities that after his father died in August, 2011, he buried him in the forest and then walked five days north before ending up in Berlin, and showed up at city hall.

    Investigators have been unable to confirm any details about a fatal car accident that matches up with Ray's story, however, and haven't been able to find the body of the father — raising "serious doubts" about the story.

    "There are many question marks," Neuendorf said.

    He is now being taken care of by youth services, and is going to school. When he first appeared, Ray spoke English and a few words of German, but has picked up more German fast, Neuendorf said.

    He has also quickly adapted to city life and technology, using a laptop and his cell phone with no problems.

    "Everything gives the impression that he was not far away from civilization for years," Neuendorf said.

    Neuendorf said that Ray does not speak English with a particular accent, leading investigators to believe that he is not a native speaker. There are no indications, however, of what his native tongue might be.

    Ray is described as being somewhere between 16-20 years old and 180 cm (about 5-foot 11-inches) tall. He has dark blonde hair and blue eyes, and three small scars on his forehead, three small scars on his chin and a small scar on his right arm.

    He has a complete set of teeth and no obvious dental work, and his hands, fingernails and teeth appear "well kept."

    Police in Berlin have asked anyone with information on him to contact them.

    Online (scroll down for English)

    Karen Sherlock - Funeral Details. Karen Was A Disability Rights Campaigner . R.I.P.


    I have been asked by Karen's husband Nigel to pass on the details for her funeral. It will be held on Tuesday 26th of June at 3pm. Portchester Crematorium, Upper Cornaway La, Fareham PO16 8NE

    Both Nigel and Karen's parents have found it of comfort to know how many lives Karen touched. 

    Karen Sherlock - Disability Rights Campaigner


    Tuesday, June 12, 2012

    Ronald Poppo : Cannibal Victim - Doctors Release Graphic Images.

    ONLY In America : Women Prisoners SHACKLED While Giving Birth.

    Only 16 of 50 states in the US have any regulations or laws against the shackling of female prisoners during childbirth


    The Philpott Childrens Small Innocent Bodies Released By the Coroner.The McCann's Have A LOT To Answer For.

    The six young Philpott children killed in an arson attack on their home. Credit: Family handout

    The bodies of six children killed in an arson attack on their home in Derby have been released by the coroner today. The parents are currently still in custody charged with their murder.
    It is thought that both parents have applied to authorities for compassionate leave to attend the children's funerals. For more on this story go to ITV Central.

    Sunday, June 10, 2012

    #Iran #Obama 'Kill List': U.S. involvement in cyber attacks against Iran and the White House’s secret 'Kill List'.

    Two stories published by the New York Times, which exposed the extent of U.S. involvement in cyber attacks against Iran and the White House’s secret 'Kill List,' have sparked scrutiny over the last week amid allegations that administration officials had leaked classified information for political gain.

    The debate continued Sunday as Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) reiterated calls for a special prosecutor to take charge of leak investigations and as a reporter who wrote one of the stories said he doubted that any politically motivated leaks were involved.

    David Sanger, chief Washington correspondent for the New York Times, appeared on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” to defend his reporting on U.S. involvement in deploying the Stuxnet computer virus against Iran.

    Sanger said that during 18 months of reporting for his book “Confront and Conceal: Obama’s Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power,” he obtained information from the ground up. He said he had serious doubts as to whether there were any political motivations behind the leaks.

    “Did I talk to a lot of people in the administration? Of course,” he said, as would be expected when writing a book about national security.

    more here:

    The above story was posted verbatim from the link provided.

    If the story is yours Contact them and ask them where they stole it from.

    Saturday, June 9, 2012

    Tania Head: The Woman Who Faked 9/11 Story.

    7/7 London Bombings: The BBC is set to air a new ‘Conspiracy Road Trip’ hit piece on the 7/7 London bombings.

    As we saw with last summer’s 9/11 version, the program tries to get “truthers” to recant and swallow the official story – in the process ideologically burning them at the stake for the consumption of the viewing sheeple.

    I talk to Jon Scobie of We Are Change Birmingham who took part in the filming as one of the central participants. He astoundingly reveals that producers admitted to him from the start that the show would not be unbiased, and that no less than five executive-level directors make the decisions on editing before the programme even airs.

    This is a fascinating insight into how the mainstream media manipulates controversial subjects for the mass consumption of the ignorant public.

    Brian Banks Accuser Caught On Tape Confessing 'That NO ...He Did Not Rape Her'.

    Freed: A one-time promising football star, Brian Banks, weeps after his rape conviction was dismissed in court. He was just 16 when a childhood friend accused him of kidnapping and raping her at school
    Freed: A one-time promising football star, Brian Banks, weeps after his rape conviction was dismissed in court. He was just 16 when a childhood friend accused him of kidnapping and raping her at school

    Friday, June 8, 2012

    Watergate: Nixon Was Far Worse Than We Thought. Woodward And Bernstein 40 Years After Watergate.

    As Sen. Sam Ervin completed his 20-year Senate career in 1974 and issued his final report as chairman of the Senate Watergate committee, he posed the question: “What was Watergate?”

    Countless answers have been offered in the 40 years since June 17, 1972, when a team of burglars wearing business suits and rubber gloves was arrested at 2:30 a.m. at the headquarters of the Democratic Party in the Watergate office building. Four days afterward, the Nixon White House offered its answer: “Certain elements may try to stretch this beyond what it was,” press secretary Ronald Ziegler scoffed, dismissing the incident as a “third-rate burglary.”---read more

    Luka Magnotta: Extradition Decision Within Days.

    German prosecutors said Thursday a decision on the extradition of the Canadian porn actor suspected of the grisly killing and dismemberment of a Chinese student could be made within days.
    Berlin prosecutors asked a court to transfer 29-year-old Luka Rocco Magnotta into pre-extradition custody, spokesman Martin Steltner said.
    Magnotta, who was arrested in Berlin on Monday following an international manhunt, is suspected of killing and dismembering student Jun Lin before sending some of his body parts to Canadian political parties and schools.
    The decision on the extradition would likely require a "few days" and isn't expected before next week, Steltner more

    Luka Magnotta :Hollywood Body Parts Of Retired Hervey Medellin - Doubtful There Is A Connection But Investigated For A Possible Link.

    Police investigating the discovery of body parts under the Hollywood sign have contacted Montreal authorities about a possible connection to a gay porn actor who stands accused of murder, cannibalism and dismemberment.


    The Los Angeles police department is investigating the possibility that Luka Rocco Magnotta, who was the subject of an international manhunt, was involved in a gruesome murder and decapitation where the victim's hands and head were placed near the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.

    The grisly discover of the body parts of retired airline worker Hervey Medellin was made by a woman walking her dog near the landmark in January.

    Investigators says that it is unlikely that 29-year-old Magnotta, who was arrested in Germany this week, was involved in the Los Angeles murder case but are investigating his whereabouts at the time of the killing.

    Los Angeles Police Commander Andrew Smith said yesterday: "The bottom line is that we don't think these two cases are related but we're looking into it," Smith said. "Obviously we're comparing notes with (Canadian authorities) at this time."

    Smith said initial investigations appeared to show that Magnotta was not in Los Angeles in late December, when the murder took place.

    However the case is made more complicated by the fact that Magnotta is known to have used a number of aliases.

    Smith also suggested there were "dissimilarities" between the crimes, but did not elaborate.
    Following the murder of 66-year-old Hervey Coronado Medellin, an ex-employee of Mexicana Airlines, the foothills near the 4,200 acre Griffith Park in the heart of Los Angeles were searched.

    Despite the area being combed a torso was never discovered.

    Detectives at the time interviewed a range of potential witnesses, including a security guard for Hollywood star Brad Pitt.

    Magnotta was arrested in Germany earlier this week in an internet cafe in Berlin. He was reportedly looking at media coverage of his crimes at the time of his arrest.

    Interpol had issued a notification in 190 countries to alert authorities to be on the look-out for Magnotta.

    Magnotta is accused of killing Jun Lin, a 32-year-old Chinese student with a pick axe, before dismembering his body and posting a video of the crime on the internet.

    Police in Montreal said the video appeared to show Magnotta cannibalising parts of Lin's body.

    The suspect is also thought to have then posted parts of the victim's body to political parties in Ottawa, the Canadian capital.

    Police say a hand and foot sent to schools in Vancouver this week may also be linked to the crime. The head of the victim is still missing.

    Thursday, June 7, 2012

    Mauritius:Michaela McAreavey's widower John will not return to witness stand in Mauritius

    John McAreavey appeared as a prosecution witness on Wednesday

    Prosecutors in the Michaela McAreavey murder trial will not recall her husband to the witness stand.

    A prosecution lawyer had said John McAreavey had "mixed up" some of the dates in his evidence on Wednesday.

    Following an objection from the defence, he will not have to return to court to give a clarification.

    Avinash Treebhoowoon, 30, and Sandip Moneea, 42, both deny murdering the County Tyrone teacher in her honeymoon suite in Mauritius in January 2011.

    On Friday, the court is due to hear from a room service attendant at the Legends Hotel where Mrs McAreavey was killed.

    More on This Story

    Related Stories

    Sex Slaves:FRONTLINE follows Viorel on an extraordinary journey deep into the world of sex trafficking to try to find his wife, Katia.

    In "Sex Slaves," FRONTLINE follows Viorel on an extraordinary journey deep into the world of sex trafficking to try to find his wife, Katia, who was four months' pregnant when she left home, and then free her from the violent pimp who now "owns" her. Along the way, the production team takes a rare, hidden-camera look at the various traffickers, pimps and middlemen who illegally buy and sell hundreds of thousands of women each year. Lured by traffickers who prey on their dreams of employment abroad, many of the women are then kidnapped and "exported" to Europe, the Middle East, the United States and elsewhere. During this process, they may be sold to pimps, locked in brothels, drugged, terrorized and raped repeatedly. In Eastern Europe, since the fall of communism, sex trafficking has become the fastest growing form of organized crime, with Moldova and Ukraine widely seen as major suppliers of women into the global sex trade.

    "How much will a girl cost?" co-producer Felix Golubev asks a trafficker in Moldova while posing undercover as an interested buyer from North America. more

    Wednesday, June 6, 2012

    The Batang Kali Massacre : Video - In Cold Blood -Still Waiting For Answers From The UK Government.


    NTV 7 news


    8 May 2012, 06:06pm BY SYARIFAH RAHMAN

    Britain’s High Court will review a government decision not to hold a formal investigation into the deaths of 24 Malaysian rubber tappers at the hands of U.K. troops in 1948.

    Lawyers representing relatives of those killed in Batang Kali say the British government carried out a decades-long cover up of serious human rights abuses.

    The High Court today started a two-day judicial review of the decision not to hold an official inquiry into the deaths.

    The Batang Kali massacre occurred on December 12, 1948, when British troops were conducting military operations to combat the post-Second World War Communist insurgency of the Malayan Emergency.

    Soldiers surrounded the rubber estate at Sungai Rimoh in Batang Kali and shot dead 24 people before setting light to the village.

    During the two day judicial review, the court will be the very first to see materials from the British and Malaysian police investigations both of which were  terminated prematurely statements from the soldiers involved in the massacre; and other first-hand witness evidence.