Monday, June 18, 2012

#Tunisia:Karim Alimi Cyber Activist Commits Suicide.

Tunisian cyber-activist Karim Alimi committed suicide on June 16 in his Ariana home, reported Shems FM Radio on Saturday.
Alimi, 29 years old, was found in his home in the Ariana neighborhood of Tunis. According to one of his close friends, Alimi’s frustration with the current conditions in Tunisia contributed to the decision to take his life. The same friend added that Alimi had mentioned suicide before.
A Tunisian blog, Tunisie Secret, described Alimi as a “little depressed and bitter” because he, like many other Tunisian activists, felt “manipulated by US intelligence services in order to destabilize Tunisia.”
Alimi was well-known for his web activity on social networks. Friends and associates remember him for his commitment to “the pursuit of justice and truth.”